Veterinary Services Abstract


Clinical aspects of using Adipose Derived Stem Cells to treat Intervertebral Disc Disease are discussed. A two-pronged therapeutic plan is described which involves treating disc degeneration and damaged spinal cord with stem cells. Stem cell treatment offers prophylactic options for discs that have not yet ruptured and therapy, both alone and combined with standard surgical techniques. Injection of stem cells into the nucleus pulposus of the degenerating disc causes a rapid regeneration of the matrix and rehydration of the disc. This injection is facilitated using C-Arm Radiology. In addition, the effective outcomes of hemilaminectomy surgery are doubled by utilizing Adipose Derived Stem Cells injections into the spinal parenchyma during the surgery procedure. Successful outcome is based on access to MRI and C-arm radiography, surgical technique, in-house processing of stem cells, and rehabilitation.