10 Signs That You Need to Get Your Pet to the Emergency Room

10 Signs That You Need To Get Your Pet To The Emergency Room

Our pets might not have the ability to talk to us when they need emergency help but they can certainly show us how they feel. It takes a bit of observatory care to notice when all is not well with an animal and take charge immediately by taking them to a pet emergency clinic. We are responsible for the health and well-being of our pets and cannot afford to be carefree about this fact.

In this post, we have discussed 10 signs that you need to get your pet to the emergency room of a top-rated Animal clinic in League City immediately.

  1. Not walking, standing properly or dragging the back legs

    If your pet suddenly can’t walk properly, or stand right or drag their back legs, there is obviously a problem somewhere. There are numerous causes for your pet’s inability to stand or walk, some of which are more dangerous than others. Causes might be as a result of certain toxicity, injury, orthopedic, or neurological issues. If your pet is suddenly experiencing trouble standing or walking, it’s always crucial to get them help right once. Visit an emergency vet clinic near me immediately.

  2. Avoidance or ignoring food and water, vomiting of food

    Pets love their food in most cases, so if your pup suddenly has no interest in its food or it’s vomiting after eating, it’s time to visit a vet. Anything could cause this issue, it could be something they have eaten somewhere or it could be an organ problem. It’s on you to help them get relief.

  3. Labored breathing or coughing

    If your pet is struggling to breathe or coughing non-stop, there is a problem. Heart or lung disease might be the problem. If choking, then it might have swallowed something that is trapped in its airway. Visit a pet emergency clinic right away. Breathing challenges can cause quick death so you may want to be fast about getting to the vet.

  4. Panting excessively

    If your pet is panting excessively, be sure to check to see if your pet is behaving normally. Dogs are unable to sweat like people do, so they pant to let out excess fluid in the body. Therefore, during hot weather, dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, which can quickly become fatal when their body temperature increases and their organs shut down. Because of this, leaving a dog or cat outside on a hot day or in a hot automobile without a means of escape presents a serious risk of death.

  5. Frequent squinting of the eye

    Yes, animals may squint their eyes much like humans do, but when it becomes frequent, something might be amiss. At first, you may notice that your pet may squint one eye a few times which could be normal but when it becomes consistent, it could indicate that they are in pain or uncomfortable. Other symptoms may include excessive blinking, rubbing, or scratching of the eyes, which need to be examined right away by a professional veterinary doctor.

  6. Shivering or Whining with no visible cause for it

    Examine your pet’s behavior if they have suddenly started whining more than normal or if they are having trouble settling. Do they exhibit any other symptoms of pain or discomfort, such as trembling or shivering?

    Even if we assume our pets’ whining is pointless, it’s crucial to pay attention to them as it’s one of the few ways they may try to communicate with us. If you’ve checked and there’s no physical sign of injury, you can still visit the pet emergency clinic just to soothe frayed nerves and be at ease.

  7. Collapse and lack of balance

    If your pet seems to be losing their balance or collapsing from time to time, it’s time to take a look at it by rushing it to the vet before things get out of hand. Collapse might come with seizures, which are even more fatal. The duration of a seizure can dictate how soon your pet needs to visit the vet. A vet emergency should be declared if an episode lasts longer than two minutes or occurs more than once in a 24-hour period. Make a record of every incident or occurrence of strange behavior for your pet’s medical history and share this information with the vet.

  8. Constant Diarrhea

    Constant running stomach and passing of watery feces is a sign that your pet needs urgent medical attention. Anything can be the cause and you wouldn’t know because you aren’t trained in veterinary medicine. If this is the case, then you might want to start looking for the quality emergency vet clinic near me to care for the affected pet.

  9. Difficulty in passing waste – urine and feces

    Pets might have difficulty passing out waste, due to a health condition. If this is noticed, it is very vital that emergency care be provided. If a veterinarian is not consulted, symptoms like bloody stool, foul-smelling urine, or constipation may seem minor at first but could develop into significant issues. Please get veterinarian attention right away if you notice that your animal is straining or is unable to urinate or pass out feces.

  10. Swollen Limbs

    A swollen limb on your pet is a cause for a visit to the vet’s clinic. It is important to have your pet checked out as soon as possible. Ensure this visit is carried out as soon as possible, not later than a 24-hour period. Organ damage can cause swollen limbs and are known to be fatal, so proceed quickly to the vet with caution.


These 10 signs are by no means exhaustive as symptoms of your pet needing a pet emergency clinic. There might be other signs and symptoms not listed in this post which could be precursors to a pet’s sick condition.

As a rule of thumb, if a pet is showing signs of malaise or simply looks off to you, rather than wing it, take it to your vet.

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