5 Essential Vaccinations For Dogs In Pearland, TX

5 Essential Vaccinations For Dogs In Pearland, TX

Knowing the essential vaccinations for dogs is crucial in preserving its life and giving it quality care. Vaccination is important for preventing your dog from contacting dangerous diseases which could be fatal. There are 5 low cost vaccines for dogs which must be given to them by a Pearland pet hospital to protect them against certain diseases.

Different vaccines have different use cases but the aim is to protect your dog to live long and healthy. In this post, we have discussed the 5 essential Vaccinations for dogs in Pearland, TX.

Why Should You Vaccinate Your Dog?

Vaccinations shield your dog from a variety of diseases. A vaccine’s main goal is to prime the immune system to identify infectious agents and successfully fight them off when they enter the body. Creating antibodies that will identify and selectively target infectious foreign invaders is part of that preparation.

5 Essential Vaccinations for Dogs

Certain vaccinations are deemed essential to your dog’s well-being, while others might not be necessary based on your dog’s exposure risk. For information on what to expect, below are 5 essential vaccinations for dogs when you bring a new puppy home.

  1. Vaccinations for Rabies

    Rabies is a fatal disease condition affecting dogs. A change in bark tone, unusual aggression, paralysis, convulsions, a dropped jaw, difficulty swallowing, hydrophobia (fear of water), pica (eating non-food objects, such dirt), fever, lack of coordination, excessive salivation, and frothy saliva are some of the signs of rabies.

    A vaccination shot against this disease is important once the pup gets to 16 weeks of age and after 1 year old and every 3 years subsequently. Dogs with rabies can infect other dogs or humans through a bite. Rabies is not only contagious, it is deadly as well.

  2. Vaccinations for Distemper

    Distemper virus or Canine distemper virus causes high fever, vomiting, eyes and nasal discharge as well as diarrhea and coughing. If not treated, it can lead to brain damage or in worse cases, death. It is spread through the air can attacks the lymph nodes and tonsils.

    Vaccination with a vaccine known as DHLPP is very effective as it protects the dog against other diseases as well. It is given in a series starting from 6 weeks, then every 2 weeks until age 16 weeks. If your pet isn’t vaccinated, visit a pet clinic in Pearland to do the needful as soon as possible.

  3. Vaccinations for Influenza

    Canine influenza has two variants which affect the respiratory tract of dogs. This virus is contagious and can be contacted from the air or from close proximity with other dogs. Vaccination should be done against both strains of the virus to avoid complications. Although some dogs don’t show symptoms, canine influenza usually causes a low fever, cough, nose and ocular discharge, lethargy, and decreased appetite. The sickness can range in severity from showing no symptoms to causing pneumonia, severe respiratory issues, and in rare instances, even death.

    If you have a new puppy, visit a Pearland pet hospital immediately to give it vaccination shots against influenza. Protecting your dog is a matter of being proactive and taking action before any health challenge calls for it. Some of these vaccinations involve the use of low cost vaccines for dogs that wouldn’t take much from a pet parent.

  4. Vaccinations for Hepatitis

    Dogs can have dog hepatitis, also called infectious canine hepatitis, which is a viral infection of the liver. It can seriously harm the liver and is transferred through feces and urine. Dogs may experience long-term, permanent liver, kidney, and ocular abnormalities even after the original infection resolves. It is vital to get vaccinated against this serious condition. Fortunately, vaccination for dogs doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it done.

    Canine hepatitis is prevented using the CAV-2 vaccine. This dosage is typically included in a combination vaccine, such as the five-way or seven-way vaccine. It is usually administered at six weeks of age, and then every two to four weeks until the puppy is sixteen weeks old. One more shot is administered with a combined booster shot 12 months after the previous interval dosage, and then every three years thereafter.

  5. Vaccinations for Parvo virus

    It usually refers to a specific virus known as canine parvovirus. Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious and sometimes fatal virus that affects predominantly dogs. It is a member of the Parvoviridae family and the genus Parvovirus. Canine parvovirus causes severe gastroenteritis in affected dogs. Lethargy, severe vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), dehydration, and loss of appetite are common symptoms. The virus can also have an impact on the immune system, causing a drop in white blood cells.

    One of the most important defenses against canine parvovirus is vaccination using a combination vaccination like the DHLPP or DA2PP. As part of basic immunization, puppies are usually given many vaccinations, and booster doses are advised periodically.

    Frequent immunization contributes to both viral protection and a robust immune response. Taking your pup for low cost dog vaccinations near me is the first step in providing lasting protection against canine diseases.

    Other vaccinations not listed here include vaccinations against the following canine diseases that require a visit to a veterinary clinic in Pearland:

    • Leptospirosis
    • Lyme disease
    • Bordetella also known as Kennel cough
    • Parainfluenza

    Consult with your pet clinic in Pearland to know which vaccines are essential and which aren’t to be on the safe side. If possible, it’s often in your interest to give your dog every vaccine shot necessary to protect it against these diseases.

The Ideal Vaccine Type for Dogs

Any vaccine that has a combo-effect feature is a good recommendation for pet parents. A good example is the 5-in-1 vaccine for dogs which is capable of protecting dogs against 5 fatal disease conditions.

Even noncore vaccines like the one for leptospirosis can be included in this combo vaccine, giving your dog the most possible protection without requiring repeated doses.

“Numerous studies have demonstrated that dogs, including puppies as young as six weeks old, can safely get the 5-in-1 vaccination. There’s little to no adverse effect apart from the mild discomfort at the injection site.”

So, are you ready to give you pet protection through low cost vaccines for dogs?

Contact our pet clinic in Pearland if you are looking at getting a new pup. We will provide the necessary vaccinations to get your new furry child safe and sound all through its living years.

Visit us whenever it’s convenient and we will be there to help.

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