5 Summer Safety Tips for Pets in Pearland, TX

5 Summer Safety Tips For Pets In Pearland, TX

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to look into taking care of our pets the right way. Summer can be a challenging time for animals simply because they are not as adept as their wild folks at taking care of themselves. As pet parents, the responsibility as care falls on us to care for them properly to avoid issues. Keeping pets safe in summer heat is a must and anyone can get it done with enough information and willpower.

Summer means a lot of sunshine, outdoor living, hiking, beach visits, etc. While it’s fun to allow your pets have some outdoor time, knowing how to keep them risk free is essential. A little carefulness could be the difference between life and death for your furry child. For new pet parents in Pearland, visit an Animal hospital in Pearland, TX to get proper counsel this coming summer.

Animals can have a heat stroke, get dehydrated or suffer sunburn. All these outcomes are avoidable if intentional efforts are implemented.

Whether you’re looking for an animal clinic near me or have a preference for DIY Pet care, these tips are for everyone who wants their pet healthy throughout the hot summer months.

In this post, we have discussed 5 summer safety tips for dogs and other pets in Pearland, TX.

  1. Identify the signs of danger

    Animals react to summer heat somewhat differently from humans. If heat pet safety is a concern for you, look for these signs in your pet. Check for heavy panting with tongues out drooling thick saliva when the temperature is hot.

    Other serious signs include bright red gums, vomiting, wobbling while walking and sometimes diarrhea. Dogs don’t sweat; they remove waste fluid by drooling freely. If there’s heat and the drool is thick not flowing, the poor dog might be dehydrated.

    If these signs are noticed, move your pet to a cool, shaded place and provide cool water for it to drink. For severe cases, a cold rub down with a damp cloth can be effective too.

  2. Have some shade on your property

    Having some shade outdoors means your pet can have some much needed respite from the summer heat when temperature rises. Animals know when they need shade and will go to a shaded area to get some rest.

    If the dog sleeps outside, it’s important to ensure that its house is in a shaded location away from the sun. Keeping pets safe in summer heat should be the goal of every pet parent as overheating is a risk that should be avoided as much as possible. Also, consider rubbing down the animal with a cool wet cloth once a day when the heat is much, if you can spare the time.

  3. Access to water within during summer

    Dehydration poses a serious risk to pets, cats and dogs alike. Provide access to water outside so your pets can get to it whenever they feel like taking water. Leave water in pools or baths that are easily accessible. Water availability is one of the essential summer safety tips for dogs that must be taken seriously.

    Bring a bottle of water with you if you’re out for some adventure with your pet. Observe it carefully and offer some water when the going gets tough or it looks like it needs it. A combination of shade and water in the compound will do your furry friend a world of good long term during the summer season.

  4. Don’t leave your pet inside the car

    Some pet owners make the mistake of leaving their pets inside the car out of ignorance. During summer, leaving your pet inside the car can be a grave mistake as the heat inside can cook the animal to have a heatstroke. This fatal development can happen as quickly as in 10 minutes. If a pet must be left in the car, ensure that the windows are wound down to allow air enter the interior of the car.

    Alternatively, for the sake of heat pet safety, a pet owner who must leave their pet inside the car should leave the car AC on and running at full blast especially in summer. As a matter of fact, it’s an illegal act to leave a pet inside a hot car. That is how serious it is, so if you see someone doing this, call their attention to it or call the police immediately.

  5. Protect your pet from summer heat by not shaving it

    Animals have a natural way of regulating their bodies against hot temperatures. Shaving your dog might look like a great idea but it isn’t. You can trim the animal a bit but do not shave it as it will be a counterintuitive thing to do. Shaving can lead to high levels of dehydration and worse, sunburn which can hurt the animal badly.

    Keeping pets safe in summer will also involve protecting their paws from the hot grounds. If taking a walk outside, wear a pet shoe on your pet’s paw to prevent burns from the heat. Check with a vet hospital near me for recommendations, if in doubt.

    As an animal hospital in Pearland, Giving your dogs the most loving care and attention possible is what we do for a living. We are a phone call away from you when you need a professional vet hospital near me.

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