6 Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy in Pearland, TX

6 Tips For Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy In Pearland, TX

The state of your pet’s teeth is an often overlooked aspect of pet care. A poor dental health can affect your dog’s quality of life long term because teeth are an essential part of a dog’s life because they do a lot of things with it. There are several advantages that come with dog teeth cleaning. Your dog is healthier, you enjoy better cuddles and kisses and you have less concerns to worry about your dog overall.

Even as a busy pet owner, there are several effective tips for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy in Pearland. Dog teeth cleaning doesn’t require a lot of time to do. With adequate planning, you can find time to brush your dog’s teeth.

We have discussed tips for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy in Pearland. Using our Pearland animal clinic can make all the difference in your dog dental cleaning.

Tips to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

  1. Start Dog Dental Cleaning at an Early Age

    By starting dog teeth cleaning at an early age, your pet gets used to the brushing activity and associates it to a positive experience. Older dogs aren’t an exception to dental care but compared to young pups, it’s simply more work in the beginning. It also requires more patience, praise and use of treats to encourage the dog to relax and allow its teeth brushed and cleaned.

  2. Pick a Good Time and Comfortable Place

    Carry out dog dental care when your dog is in a good state. Bring it to your lap or your feet, pet it and offer a treat before starting the brushing exercise. If possible, ensure that there are no distractions in the place. Good lighting, no other pets and a good position will make your dog teeth cleaning stress and anxiety-free and easy.

  3. Buy a Quality Dog Toothbrush and Dog Toothpaste

    It will surprise you to know that dogs actually have a specially-designed toothbrush made for them. These toothbrushes have unique designs like handles crafted at an angle, different bristle heads and soft-textured bristles all aimed at offering your dog a smooth brushing experience. For toothpastes, dogs have a specially-formulated one that’s totally different from the one used by humans. Don’t take the risk of using human toothpaste for dogs as it could have disastrous results. Man’s toothpaste contains fluoride and xylitol which are harmful to a dog’s metabolism. Choose toothpaste for dogs from a wide variety of uniquely-flavored options – there’re chicken, beef, and peanut butter flavored options available.

  4. Use a Dog Dental Solution

    There are dog dental care solutions designed to freshen up a dog’s breath and minimize the buildup of dental plaque. These solutions which might be in liquid form can be mixed with their drinking water making it easy for the dog to take in orally. If you’re looking for a fast freshening solution to bad breath problems in your dog, consider trying this option.

    Some alternatives come in the form of sprays that can be used as a quick fix. These sprays will eliminate plaque formation, stop tartar buildup and kill any bad mouth odor in your dog’s mouth. Dog dental sprays are easy to use so a few bursts of it are all your dog needs to freshen its breath.

  5. Get Your Dog Chew Toys

    Dogs generally do a lot with their teeth; therefore keeping their dental health in a good state will impact their overall health. In a natural setting, dogs clean their teeth by chewing on bones and other materials. If you own a pet, consider getting it a chew toy to gnaw on. This chewing activity helps in removing plaque, tartar and reducing buildup of bad breath. In addition to these, a chew toy helps your dog stay busy with something to play around with.

    Rather than destroy your shoes or property, a chew toy can be a source of mental and dental stimulation for your furry child. There are different types of chew toys to pick from when looking to get one. Choose from different shapes, material (rubber, plastic, rawhide, etc) and size to delight your dog’s playfulness and natural instincts. Dog dental cleaning can be fun for your dog when done this way.

  6. Inspect Your Dog’s Teeth and Visit the Vet Regularly

    By checking out your dog’s teeth often, you will be able to detect when something isn’t right with its mouth. As a pet parent, you’re fully responsible for what happens to your dog most of the time. Timely dog dental care when combined with regular visits to a vet for professional dog teeth cleaning can make a whole lot of impact on your dog’s dental health. In most cases, your dog will need an oral examination and cleaning at least once a year to keep dental problems at bay.

    If dog teeth cleaning cost is your concern, you may wish to know that professional dental care for dogs doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. However, you may wish to plan and save ahead of schedule to mitigate the cost of it. Pet services like our Pearland animal clinic offer quality dental care designed to keep your dog in good standing. Professional dog teeth cleaning can involve use of advanced techniques like extractions, use of anesthetics and minor surgeries to relieve dental problems from your dog.

    Regular dog teeth cleaning is essential to your dog’s dental health. It cannot be avoided or given less concern because just like humans, dental issues can cause serious problems in dogs. Saving ahead can minimize the impact of dog teeth cleaning costs especially if you’re on a tight budget. It also helps to have a particular animal hospital you’re familiar with their practices and fees so you can plan accordingly.

    As a pet patent, you owe your dog proper care and love, so kindly ensure to develop the habit of inspecting your dog’s teeth and brushing them once or twice weekly to keep them clean and healthy.

    If you’d love to schedule a visit to a professional animal clinic in Pearland, try out Safari Veterinary Care Centers today. Give your pet a chance to enjoy a clean, fresh mouth with a dog dental care routine with us.

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