Arthritis in Dogs – How to prevent dogs from Canine Arthritis

Arthritis In Dogs – How To Prevent Dogs From Canine Arthritis

Arthritis in the dog is often more prevalent in older dogs that have seen more active years. It’s a disease condition that affects your dog’s joints making it sore and difficult to move. Thankfully, there are ways to lessen the discomfort and tension via therapy, but prevention is still the most effective course of action.

Animal Wellness Center, Texas encourages dog and other pet owners to take the route of preventive action, first of all, to reduce ant arthritis complications later on. Several lifestyle changes when adjusted accordingly could mean the difference between your dog avoiding arthritis in future or falling victim to it.

In this post, SafariVet Pet Care will offer tips on how to prevent your dogs from suffering canine arthritis.

  1. Professionally-vetted Feeding

    Your dog needs the most nutritious nutrition possible for healthy development. A suitable diet can prepare your pet’s body adequately for optimal development and growth of an immune system that can withstand weaknesses over the years.

    As each dog’s specie is unique, so will their diet be. Likewise, your dog’s diet will differ from that of another dog. For testing and advice on the most excellent kinds of food, contact Pet Health Care League City just to be sure.

    It is also important to feed your dog the right amount of food without overfeeding or underfeeding it. With their experience, your vet expert can help you choose the right size of the bowl to put your food for your pet.

    Being overweight is as a major precursor for canine arthritis and is obviously caused by overfeeding. The overweight dog finds it harder to carry its own weight so its joints have to bear a bigger part of it.

    In addition to feeding, you can offer your dog essential supplements that are needed for proper metabolism and body development. Supplements containing Calcium, Fatty-3 acid and Chondroitin are known to be super effective for dogs bone and joint development.

  2. Regular Exercise for your pet

    One way to prevent canine arthritis is to ensure your dog exercises as often as possible. Exercise stimulates the body and improves most of the body metabolism. Your dog will experience better anxiety levels, mental state and general disposition making it a healthy and happy pet to have.

    A dog with a regular exercise routine will generally be agiler and have a healthy weight with less stress on its bone and joint system.

    Exercises that are winners for keeping dogs fit and prevent arthritis whether in youth or old age include – regular walks, running, jumping hoops, playing fetch, swimming, etc.

    See a veterinarian in League City, Texas, for additional details on the ideal workouts for your pet, particularly if you own a dog.

  3. Provide a healthy environment for your dog

    To prevent arthritis and other bone and joint issues later in life, your dog needs the healthiest environment possible. Environments in this regard include where it sleeps. Your dog should have a comfortable home that won’t add any stress or discomfort on its joints.

    The more a dog undergoes a lot of stress on its bone and joint structure, the more its chances of developing arthritis. For your dog’s bed, consider getting a soft and warm padding to protect its elbows and legs from the hard floor.

    Regular dog sitting shouldn’t take place on cold, wet, or harsh surfaces. A little creativity on your part can do the animal a lot of good. Smaller dogs will require this even more. For further suggestions on creating the ideal home environment for your dog, get in touch with League City, Texas veterinary clinic.

  4. Be Alert and stay in touch with your veterinarian

    As mentioned earlier, older dogs are more susceptible to canine arthritis and should be looked out for regularly. There are different signs that indicate the onset of arthritis but if you are alert, you may be able to detect them.

    Look out for favoring of one limb, stiffness of a limb, signs of pain, sudden hesitation about jumping or climbing or stiff joints. It will be in your advantage to take your dog to the veterinarian on a regular basis, regardless of whether you see any of these symptoms.

    You can visit SafariVet Veterinary Clinic, League City for a professional consultation on preventing canine arthritis for your dog.

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