Cat-Friendly Veterinary Care at Safarivet in Pearland, TX

Cat-Friendly Veterinary Care At Safarivet In Pearland, TX

Typically, dogs get more pet-specific care than other animals when it comes to pet care and ownership. There are a lot more effort and dedication for other pets compared to cats, on average. Coupled with the fact that cats are great at hiding their malaise, it’s important to know cat friendly hospital if you’re a cat owner.

Our veterinary clinic in Pearland provides a robust healthy care process for pets, cats included. We have extensive knowledge of what it takes to care for pets. Our pet care personnel are committed to delivering excellent cat care for our clients. Owning and caring for a cat isn’t rocket science and we have created the ideal space for this service.

In this post, we have discussed everything about a cat friendly clinic, including what to look out for when hiring a specialist cat friendly vet.

What Makes Us Different with Cat Care

While other pet care centers might have more focus on dogs as they’re more common as pets, we have sought to balance things out by making our pet clinic a friendly space for cats. We have trained personnel that are well-skilled and experienced in quality ways to care for a cat for most effective results.

The following aspects of pet care are why we are unique:

  • A strong emphasis on quick turn-around and care time to ensure your cat gets timely treatment
  • Experienced, trained staff who have knowledge on how to handle cats
  • Examination rooms designed with cat-specific intent
  • A focus on using only medical tools and equipment designed for use on cats
  • Use of pheromones created solely for cat use
  • Careful animal handling to reduce risk of animal injury or harm

What to Expect from a Cat-friendly Veterinary Care

To consider a veterinary center as a cat-friendly hospital, it must meet several standards. There must be clear indications that it has put in unique steps that are dedicated to cat care. There should be specific structures, decisions, strategy all custom-planned or made for the care of cats.

For instance, examination rooms should be fully designed with cats in mind. Other areas like the reception area and boarding room can be specifically meant for cat care. Medical tools and surgical equipment can be specifically designed for cats only.

Cats are generally more suspicious and fussy than dogs. Rough handling can lead to resistance and unpleasant experiences for the cat. It’s therefore important to handle cats with a lot of gentility and care to avoid causing avoidable trauma.

Cats deserve a gentle, caring and loving treatment when taken for a visit to the vet. A cat friendly vet in a pet care center should have experience, knowledge about felines and the right tools and equipment that will deliver quality care. If handled with absolute gentility and compassion, even feral cats will tolerate treatment and care with little resistance.

General Cat Friendly Practices

Below are more cat friendly practices to look out for when hiring a cat friendly hospital for your pet:

Pain Management

It’s important for staff at a pet center to know how to manage a cat’s pain. Properly monitoring, regular checkups and assessment are part of detecting pain. Pain mitigation techniques should be comfortable in order not exacerbate any discomfort.

Cat Dentistry

Cats can have dental problems that require attention specific to cats. A cat friendly vet who’s experienced in dental care for cats should be the ideal choice to handle such conditions.

Friendly, Comfortable Cat Handling

Careful and gentle handling is a recommended approach for handling cats so as not to leave your pet with an unsavory experience. Carry the cat in a comfortable pet care, reduce handling as much as possible, be gentle and don’t force contact.

Trained Personnel

A trained cat friendly vet will do your cat a lot of good. Therefore, only visit vet clinics with a reputation of giving cats adequate treatment. Staff can leverage information from Feline Friendly Handling and Nursing Guidelines to give your cat the proper handling possible.

Cat Friendly Environment

Cats are very sensitive animals which mean they can easily become anxious and uncomfortable if exposed to strange environments where other animals are present. A cat friendly hospital will benefit cats more when it has spaces designed specifically with things cats are known to love. Less stress and anxiety for your cat means faster healing and overall recovery in many instances.

Orientation of Clients

Teaching or enlightening cat owners about appropriate procedures in cat pet care are a great feature of a cat friendly veterinary clinic in Pearland. Pamphlets, flyers, and free video materials are effective ways to educate cat owners on feline concerns that can harm their pet. Your cat friendly clinic of choice should have this feature, all things being equal.

We are confident that with more cat friendly clinics, cats will get to receive better treatment, handling and overall care which means a long, healthier quality of life. Our lives are greatly enhanced by our pets, and we should take the greatest care of them. Therefore, pet owners must strive to provide adequate cat friendly practices and resources for cats.

Looking for a cat friendly vet near me? You might want to check out Safari Veterinary Care Centers to see what we have for your lovely cat today!

We look forward to hosting you and your cat at our veterinary clinic in Pearland, give us a visit today.

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