DIY Dog Grooming Tips For Pearland Pet Owners

DIY Dog Grooming Tips For Pearland Pet Owners

Owning a pet comes with responsibilities, one of which is grooming them to look and feel good and healthy throughout their life. Therefore, there’s a need for pet owners to know effective DIY Dog grooming tips needed to provide care and attention to their dogs.

In this guide, we have discussed DIY Dog Grooming tips for Pearland Pet owners. Anyone with a little help can apply these tips to give their pets quality care. It’s great and actually convenient to outsource pet care but having some knowledge of the basics is essential as a pet owner.

So, let’s begin with some tips for DIY Dog Grooming in Pearland!

Grooming Your Dog at Home

If you’re going to be grooming your dog, it will likely be done at home. Grooming your dog at home increases bonding since the home environment is familiar. It also saves you some money too. At first, grooming your dog might look like a chore but after going through this guide, you will quickly get used to the basics.

For dog grooming, you need certain tools to do it right. These grooming tools will make bathing, trimming and brushing which are the aspects of grooming and easy ride for you without visiting an animal hospital in Pearland.

Tools for Grooming Your Dog at Home

Here are essential tools you need for Pet grooming in Pearland, TX. There could be more tools not added in this list, be rest assured that it isn’t exhaustive.

  • Nail clippers

  • Dog hair brush

  • Dog hair shampoo

  • Deshedding tool

  • Pet wipes

  • Portable bathtub

  • Water source

Sincere Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming Advice

Dog grooming can be a fun activity if you do it the right way. Not only does it add some bonding sessions, it also relaxes your dog and gives it something to look forward to when it’s been outdoors all day or week.

Below are some general tips for pet grooming in Pearland,TX.

  1. Pick the right grooming tools

    Carrying out pet grooming starts from the tools you use for it. When you have the right tools, grooming the right way is easier. Buy dog brushes, shampoo, nail cutters and pet deshedding tools too.

  2. Be patient and calm while grooming your pet

    Like kids, your pet might test you during a grooming session. You will need to stay positive, calm and reassuring during the process. As animals, pets do not understand certain things and your outlook can reflect on them. Stay relaxed, in control and patient and your dog will fall into your flow with time. It’s even better if grooming begins when your animal is still a pup.

  3. Pet and praise your dog

    During a pet grooming session, pet and praise your dog reassuringly to keep it in tune with you. Offer treats when it behaves in a certain way to reinforce that behavior. You can ask for treat recommendations from any Animal hospital in Pearland, TX to know what most dogs love. Call out sweet names, rub their head and offer treats from time to time. Ignore any reaction that isn’t ideal for the process. Try as much as possible not to shout or hit your pet as it will make it associate grooming time with unpleasantness, which isn’t what you want.

  4. Trim the nails

    Clip nails if it’s becoming too long. Overly long nails can cause pain when rammed into objects. Infections can also occur on badly broken nails too. Ensure dog nail clippers are used correctly for this procedure.

  5. Deshed your dog on schedule

    Some pets shed a lot of hair all over the place. One way to combat this challenge is to deshed the dog on a schedule to remove the excess hair. Use a deshedding tool to remove excess hair from your dog’s coat. Your pet will look properly-groomed and smart. Certain deshedding tools can minimize shedding by 80-90%.

  6. Groom frequently

    You can do what is called ‘spot grooming’ where you can groom your pet in small batches. Complete grooming can take a whole lot of time but when you carry out spot grooming, you break up the long duration into shorter time intervals.

    For example, cut nails today, deshed coat the next day, clean teeth and ears the day after. Little grooming acts like this will sum up to a complete comprehensive grooming experience.

  7. Treat allergies and hair problems

    Pets like all living things have allergies that affect them badly. Your dog can react to allergies in different ways. Itching, painful swelling, and dry patches are some symptoms that your dog is reacting to something. If you notice your pet licking a particular spot repeatedly, check it over. Some grooming ointments can soothe such allergies. Get recommendations from an animal hospital in Pearland or simply visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers for professional help.

    In addition, your dog might react negatively to certain foods or materials. Stop providing them access to such things as soon as you notice their reaction.

    As for hair problems, infections and parasites can cause hair problems, especially hair loss. If your dog has ringworms, mange, rashes and hives or Cushing’s disease, it’s time to leave DIY dog grooming and visit a specialist vet for advanced pet care.

Bathing Grooming Tips

Bathing your dog comes with many benefits that make it an essential activity you shouldn’t overlook. Bathing removes dirt, eliminates bad odor, protects your dog’s hair and skin and keeps its coat hygienic.

Many dog owners often ask how often their dogs should get a bath. Bathing frequency can vary depending on a number of factors. Things like length of fur, time spent outdoors, animal smell, etc. We have discussed the necessary tips for bathing your dog.

  1. Bath your dog once a month to keep it in good form. Dogs have natural preservatives that protect their skin and hair from any problems. Too much bathing can rid their body of this natural component, causing them more harm than good.

  2. Use vet-recommended products to bathe your pet. When you use a quality product that’s been tested to work growth, the effect will reflect on the quality of life of your dog.

  3. Use a conditioner that contains natural elements that improve skin and hair health. Get recommendations from trusted sources on pet grooming in Pearland. Check pet grooming groups, and boards and seek counsel from vets.

  4. Use wet wipes if bathing isn’t possible for some reason. Some pets just don’t like bath time so to keep them clean without always bathing them, using a waterless dog shampoo can be effective. Several options exist for this purpose – search on Amazon or other online stores for waterless dog shampoos and follow manual instructions

  5. Do not bathe puppies below the age of 12 weeks as bathing can cause cold which can lead to other serious complications.

Hair Cutting Grooming Tips

While looking to groom your dog, there is a need to understand that dog hair comes in two varieties. There’s short hair which grows on certain breeds and long hair which grows on certain breeds. Some breeds have hairs that do not grow beyond a certain length, unlike others. Most large breeds of dogs have short hair which falls off after a while, smaller pet breeds usually have eternally growing hair.

Below are some general tips for haircutting:

  1. Use a quality hair cutter for the grooming session. Buy a professional dog hair clipper to make your work easy for you. Quality doesn’t mean it will cost an arm and a leg, choose the right product after checking reviews.

  2. Go at a slow pace to get it right. There’s no need to rush into the whole activity quickly. You can watch a few videos on YouTube to get a feel of how haircutting works.

  3. Take extra care when using dog hair clippers to avoid nipping your pet’s skin. If in doubt, leave hair cutting for the professionals at animal hospitals in Pearland like Safari Veterinary Care Centers.

Brushing Grooming Tips

Brushing serves as a means to strengthen tangled hair, remove dead hair and spread the natural oil on the dog’s skin through its fur keeping it shiny and healthy. Below are some tips to look out for when brushing your dog’s hair:

  1. Brush your dog’s skin regularly to keep it healthy and strengthened. Brushing will also remove weak hair, leaving only healthy hair on a dog’s body.

  2. Use a suitable brush or comb for your dog’s hair brushing needs. Not all brushes are suitable for a dog’s hair. The type of hair you choose depends on the kind of hair your dog has on its body.

  3. When brushing is done right, hair shedding might also reduce in frequency. The brushing action will remove loose hair from the dog’s skin leaving only a healthy coat.

  4. During brushing, check for ticks, mites and fleas which can cause a lot of discomfort to your dog. If your dog is always scratching or has red spots, bumps, etc, you might want to check for parasites.

Deshedding Grooming Tips

If your dog sheds hair, cleaning it up will eventually get tiring over time. Shedding can prove problematic for most dog owners which is why deshedding is necessary to keep it under control. Below are some deshedding grooming tips to consider:

  1. Deshedding should be done frequently to keep hair shedding at a minimum. It can be done every week or every 2 weeks to be sure. If shedding proves to be beyond you, hire dog grooming in Pearland to take over the grooming process.

  2. Give your dog more reasons to relax and be at ease more frequently. Stress and anxiety can cause an increase in shedding problems in your dog.

  3. Feed your dog with rich meals that promote hair growth and development. Many vitamins and minerals, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, contribute to skin and coat health by conditioning the skin and fostering healthy cell formation. Many common skin problems can be traced back to poor dietary balance or synthetic and poorly digested nutrients.

  4. Use quality deshedding tools to get results when deshedding your dog. Quality tools mean you get quality results from your grooming activity. Ensure that deshedding doesn’t hurt your pet, use slow, tender strokes to remove loose hair.

Nail Grooming Tips

If left untrimmed, your dog’s nails can grow too long and become uncomfortable for it. Cut your dog’s nails when it looks unusually long on its paws. Ideally, you can cut it once or twice every month depending on how fast it grows. Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Cut once or twice a month.

  2. Be careful not to nick your pet when cutting the nails to avoid unnecessary pain.

  3. Choose a safe nail cutter with a rounded tip for added safety when cutting the nails.

  4. Give your dog a treat before and after the nail cutting exercise.


Don’t give up if you’re having trouble keeping up with your pet’s grooming routine. It can be challenging for both you and your pet, so proceed with care and perseverance as you navigate your dog’s grooming needs. You will become more comfortable managing the various tools needed for pet grooming in Pearland.

If you are not comfortable grooming your pet at home, you can take it to a professional groomer like Safari Veterinary Care Centers that has the tools and experience necessary for dealing with a pet that is less enthusiastic about being groomed.

Visit us whenever it’s convenient and we will be there to help. Book an appointment with us by visiting our animal hospital in Pearland.

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