Dog Care Tips: Don’t Hurt Your Dogs By Doing This At Houston, TX

Dog Care Tips: Don’t Hurt Your Dogs By Doing This At Houston, TX

Taking care of a dog is not always as simple, and even the best-intentioned furry owners can make an error or more along the way.

According to our veterinarians at Safari Veterinary Care Center, here are a few things you should never do to your dog:

  1. Do not let your dog run with a stick in his mouth.

    Tossing a stick for your dog to catch or allowing them to run around with one can lead to serious injuries, as your dog could be impaled on the tossed stick. These injuries can easily lead to death. Instead of a wooden stick, try tossing a soft rubber toy or ball.

  2. Do not use a choke collar nor yank your dog’s leash.

    Yanking on your dog’s leash regularly could result in a neck fracture. Using a choke collar is also risky, which tightens as the dog pulls away.

  3. Never put sunscreen on your Dog.

    To protect its skin from the sun, your dog has a thick fur covering.

    Sunscreen should be kept out of your dog’s reach and off of its body because it is hazardous.

    Sunscreen is made up of zinc oxide, if swallowed, it could be extremely harmful to your dog’s intestines.

  4. Never use antibiotic ointment on your dog without consulting a Vet.

    For a dog parent, it is normal to want to help your dog when it cuts or scrapes itself, but applying antibiotic ointments meant for you on your dog could do more harm than good. Before applying any antibiotic ointment to your dog, ensure you consult with a vet. If you are in League City and are looking for a veterinarian near you to consult with or the best care animal hospital in Houston, TX, contact Safari Veterinary Care Center or Safari Animal Hospital.

  5. Do not give your Dog ice.

    As a Dog owner, it is normal to want to cool your dog when the weather is hot by giving your dog something cool to chew on, like ice. However, veterinarians have stated that dogs should not eat ice as it is a cause of broken teeth in dogs. These broken teeth could become infected and cause your dog excruciating pain. Rather than ice, you could give your dog cool water to drink.

  6. Never feed your Dog alcohol.

    Alcohol consumption in dogs could lead to severe side effects such as nervous depression. It is also worth mentioning that many alcoholic drinks contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is hazardous to dogs even in minute amounts.

  7. Never hit your dog.

    It is entirely unethical to hit your dog as a form of discipline because this could affect the bonding between you and your dog. Such maltreatment erodes your pet’s self-esteem and makes it more ready to lash out.

  8. Do not crate your dog unnecessarily.

    Never scold or discipline your dog by putting it in a kennel, as this would teach your dog that a crate is a bad place rather than a safe refuge.

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