Houston, Texas’s Most Effective Approach To Save On Dental Care: Dog Dental Care

Houston, Texas’s Most Effective Approach To Save On Dental Care: Dog Dental Care

Dog Dental Care

Since we want to do everything for our dogs as pet owners, maintaining good dental hygiene is crucial to their overall health. Dental care is very important for dogs, especially small dog breeds, which are more prone to dental diseases. Poor dental care in dogs can cause gum disease, tartar, and plaque accumulation, resulting in gingivitis.

The cost of treating dental diseases in dogs is pretty steep. To save on dental care treatment, here are some tips:

  1. Schedule regular dental cleaning:

    While it is vital to care for your dog’s teeth at home, frequent professional dental cleanings are essential for keeping your dog’s mouth healthy and disease-free as it is more thorough and effective. Getting your dog’s teeth professionally examined and cleaned by your veterinarian helps prevent dental infections which can affect the heart, lungs, and kidneys. It is crucial to schedule these checkups from puppyhood to prevent periodontal disease when your dog is older.

  2. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly:

    Brushing your dog’s teeth in-between visits to the vet can significantly reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Daily brushing is recommended as the bacteria that cause periodontal disease can grow on your dog’s teeth in barely 24 – 36 hours. Your dog may resist tooth brushing at first, but with practice, you should be able to make it a wonderful experience for both of you. Start by using a double-headed toothbrush, and do not push yourself too hard the first few times. Even if you don’t brush your dog’s entire lips, start softly and stop if he becomes upset. You can gradually extend the time as he becomes accustomed to it.

    Remember, do not use human toothpaste for your dog. The earlier you begin practicing things like toothbrushing with your dog, like with most dog care, the better.

  3. Feed your dog dry food:

    Did you know that dry food is healthier than soft food for your dog’s dental health? Crunchy kibble is excellent for your dog’s teeth since it scrapes tartar away as it is consumed. Soft food will most likely stick to the teeth causing plaque to build up more quickly, so crunchy kibble is better for your dog’s teeth.

  4. Give your dog dental chew toys:

    Dental chew toys are specifically intended to scrape plaque away. If your dog does not allow you to brush his teeth, you may have more success using a chew toy, albeit it won’t be as effective as brushing.

  5. Give your dental treats:

    When you buy your dog’s treat, ensure it has the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance on the packaging, as the seal signifies that the product helps control tartar buildup.

For your dog’s regular cleaning and dental consultation in League City, get in touch with Safari Veterinary Care Center, a reasonably priced pet clinic in Houston, Texas, home to some of the top vets in the area.

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