How to Choose Affordable And Perfect Dog Boarding Services In Minutes In Houston, TX

How To Choose Affordable And Perfect Dog Boarding Services In Minutes In Houston, TX


Are you a dog owner in Houston looking for an affordable and reliable way to board your pup while away? Dog boarding is the perfect solution! Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it’s often necessary to find someone trustworthy and knowledgeable who can take care of your four-legged friend. But where do you start when it comes to finding quality yet affordable dog boarding services? Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss what dog boarding is, the types of dog boarding services in Houston, TX, and how to choose the right one for your pup. We also provide tips on how to prepare your dog for boarding. So, if you’re looking for quality yet affordable dog boarding services in Houston, TX, keep reading!

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a great option for dog owners who don’t have the time or are unable to take care of their pets while they are away. It provides an alternative to having friends or family look after your dog and ensures that your pup will be taken care of in a professional environment.

When you board your dog, they will usually stay in a kennel or crate. Depending on the facility and your preference, some puppies are able to sleep with their owners in cabins or other lodging options. At the boarding facility, dogs are walked, fed, and cared for by staff who are tasked with looking after the animals. They strive to make sure the animals are happy and comfortable so they can have a stress-free stay.

At a dog boarding facility, the kennels are typically kept clean and temperature controlled to ensure that your pup is always safe and comfortable. They also offer playtime with other dogs, as well as toys and treats if requested. In addition, some facilities may provide grooming services such as brushing, bathing, and nail trimming.

Dog boarding is a great way to make sure that your pup will be taken care of when you’re away. It provides peace of mind for owners that their dogs will be in a safe environment and receive the care possible while they are gone. Plus, it also allows your pup the opportunity to socialize and interact with other dogs.

Whether you need to leave your dog overnight or for a few days, there’s no better option than boarding them at a licensed facility. With professional staff looking after their needs and ensuring that they have everything they need, you can rest assured knowing that your pup will be safe and happy while you’re away.

At Safarivet, we strive to make sure that your pup has stay possible while you’re away. Our Camp Safari Boarding Kennel is an indoor facility with outdoor runs, temperature-controlled kennels, and a play area for cats. We also provide grooming services so your pup can enjoy their stay even more. So, if you need to leave your pet for any length of time, be sure to check out Safarivet’s Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding services. We guarantee that your pup will have care possible while you’re away!

Types of Dog Boarding Services in Houston, TX

Dog Boarding in Houston, TX, offers a variety of services that can suit each dog’s needs. Some of the most popular services include:

  1. Daycare Dog Boarding

    Daycare Dog Boarding is ideal for busy pet parents who want their pets to get plenty of playtime while they are away. With this option, your pup can stay at the boarding kennel during the day and go home in the evening.

  2. Overnight Boarding

    Overnight boarding is perfect for when you need someone to take care of your pup while you are away on vacation or a business trip. Our kennels offer comfortable lodging, regular meals, and plenty of playtime with other pups.

  3. Board & Train Programs

    We also offer Board and train Programs for pet owners who want their pups to be trained while they are away. Our certified trainers provide intensive one-on-one training tailored to the needs of each pup.

  4. Grooming Services

    For those who want their pup to look beautiful, our kennels offer grooming services, including baths, haircuts, and nail trims. This can be done while your dog is staying at the kennel or as a stand-alone service for pet owners who need their pup to get a quick sprucing up.

At Safarivet, we offer all of these services and more. We strive to make sure that each pup’s stay is comfortable, safe, and stress-free. We also tailor our services to each pet’s individual needs so that they can have experience possible while boarding with us.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding?

Taking your dog to a boarding facility can be stressful for both the pet and their owner, so it is important to make sure that your pup is well-prepared for the experience. Let’s take a look at how you can make the boarding experience as stress-free and comfortable for your pup as possible.

  1. Choose the Right Boarding Facility

    When looking for the right boarding facility, you need to make sure that it will meet your pup’s needs. This can include considering factors such as location, price, amenities offered, and more. It is also a good idea to check online reviews of the facility before making a decision.

  2. Visit the Facility Before Boarding

    Visiting the boarding facility before booking a stay can make your pup more comfortable. This will give them an opportunity to explore the environment, meet some of the staff, and get used to their surroundings. Doing this in advance can help reduce your pup’s stress levels during their actual stay.

  3. Bring Familiar Items from Home

    Having familiar items from home can make your pup feel more secure during their stay. A favorite toy or blanket can help to reduce stress and provide comfort in an unfamiliar place. It is also a good idea to bring along any necessary medical records, such as vaccination certificates or medications, that will be needed while boarding.

  4. Introduce Your Dog to Boarding Before Extended Stays

    If this is your pup’s first time staying at a boarding facility, it is a good idea to introduce them to the experience gradually. Start by bringing them for short visits, and then slowly increase the amount of time they stay as they become more comfortable with the environment. This will help them to become accustomed to the facility before an extended stay.

  5. Make Sure Your Dog is Up-to-Date on Vaccines

    Having your pup up-to-date on their vaccines is essential for staying at any boarding facility. This will ensure that they are protected from any potential illnesses that can be spread among the other guests. It’s also important to make sure that your pet is spayed or neutered, as this can prevent any unwanted behavior that could occur due to having multiple dogs in the same facility.

By following these steps, you can help reduce your pup’s stress levels and make sure that they are safe and comfortable during their stay at the boarding facility. With a little preparation and research, you can ensure that your pet enjoys their time away from home!

Relevant Questions

What is the difference between a kennel and boarding?

The difference between a kennel and boarding is the atmosphere and the services offered. Kennels typically provide short-term solutions such as grooming, vet visits, or daycare. However, boarding facilities offer more comprehensive care and longer stays for an extended period. Boarding facilities can provide additional services such as socialization, exercise, and training. Additionally, staff at boarding facilities are usually highly trained and experienced in pet care, which allows them to provide possible care for your pet while they stay with them. Ultimately, the decision between a kennel and a boarding facility will depend on each animal's individual needs. If you are searching for Dog Boarding Near Me or Dog Kennels Near Me, look no further than Safarivet. Our team is dedicated to providing your pet with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience during their stay with us.

What should I look for when choosing a boarding facility?

When choosing a boarding facility, you should look for one that offers a clean and safe environment for your pet. It is important to make sure that the facility meets all state and local regulations regarding health and safety standards. Additionally, you should also ensure that the staff at the facility are knowledgeable in different breeds of animals and can provide proper care for any pet's needs. Finally, it is important to make sure that the facility provides ample time for exercise and play in order to keep your pet healthy and happy during their stay.


All in all, finding the perfect and affordable dog boarding services for your puppy should not be an overwhelming experience. In Houston, TX, there are many different types of dog care options to choose from, which can make it easy to find a solution that works for both you and your pup’s lifestyle. So take some time to review each type of service mentioned above and decide which one is suited for your four-legged friend.

When choosing a facility, make sure that they offer quality customer service and provide excellent care for your pup’s overall well-being. Preparing for their stay is also important, so don’t forget to check on vaccination requirements, acceptable forms of payment, and other important details before booking a reservation. Lastly, if you need help navigating through this process, then please visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers for their expert advice on how to choose affordable and perfect dog boarding services in minutes. Don’t wait any longer – start getting ready for an unforgettable journey with your furry companion now!

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