How To Encourage Your Dog To Positive Behavior In League City, TX

How To Encourage Your Dog To Positive Behavior In League City, TX

Positive Behaviour in Dog.

Positive behavior is good and healthy behavior exhibited by your furry friend, which everyone loves and approves of. Positive behavior in your pup can only be achieved via proper training, and the most vital part of training your dog is applauding good behavior with lots and lots of praises and treats. Below are some tips to help you inspire positive behavior in your dog:

  • Make out time for your dog.

    One vital fact to note as a dog parent is that your dog craves your attention and companionship. To not feel ignored and unloved, you need time with him daily. While spending time with your dog, ensure you speak gently to your dog, as dogs prefer a gentle voice over a harsh tone.

  • Exercise daily.

    Several opportunities present themselves to you each day that encourages you to exercise with your dog. Opportunities such as taking a walk and running errands are lovely ways to exercise with your dog and create a special bond.

  • Be patient and tolerant.

    As pet parents, we are very fond of our dogs. However, there are moments when they misbehave, and you are tempted to show your displeasure and irritability by scolding or punishing your dog. Remember, punishing your dog may not inspire positive behavior. Try to indulge your dog’s excesses, be patient and forgive wrongdoings quickly.

  • Plan a memorable trip.

    Another way to inspire positive behavior in your dog is to plan and take him on a trip. The trip would be beneficial not only to your dog but also to you.

  • Challenge your dog physically and mentally.

    Idleness could lead to your dog being bored, and when your dog is bored, he will look for means to release the pent-up energy he has. This sometimes results in your dog exhibiting hyperactive behavior, such as barking, running in circles, and nipping at your clothes. To prevent these unruly behaviors, engage your dog in physical and mental challenges such as puzzle games or playing fetch a disc.

  • Shower your dog with lots of affection.

    As earlier stated, your dog craves your attention most of the time. Endeavor to shower him with lots of affection and attention as often as possible. This encourages positive behavior in your dog.

  • Introduce your dog to your family.

    Dogs enjoy being part of a family because they are pack creatures that thrive in an environment with clear and consistent regulations. Do not restrict your dog’s training to just yourself. Get your family involved. Being part of a family would encourage positive behaviors in your dog.

  • Make training time fun.

    Your dog’s training needn’t be stringent. To make your dog enthusiastic about training, ensure you make it a fun time. Begin training your dog with the basic commands like come, sit and run. Reward every command appropriately obeyed with a treat.

    Your reward will inspire your dog to be positive. Also, keep each training session short, so you do not bore your dog. If you observe that you are not making headway with your dog’s training, hire the services of professionals from a veterinary hospital.

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