Needles For Healing: Exploring the Benefits Of Animal Acupuncture In League City, TX

Needles For Healing: Exploring The Benefits Of Animal Acupuncture In League City, TX

Originally from China, acupuncture has been inculcated into pet care by veterinary clinics. Acupuncture for animals involves inserting fine needles into the body of a pet dog at specific points called acupuncture points. These targeted points are areas where nerves and blood vessels merge to influence the body’s reaction.

Canine acupuncture improves blood circulation in a dog’s body which is essential for healing action. Pain relief, reduction of inflammation and soothing nerves are some more functions of acupuncture. In this post, we have explained the benefits of Animal acupuncture in League City, TX.

What Acupuncture Does for Pets?

Acupuncture is effective for improving blood circulation, oxygen delivery to different parts of the body, waste elimination, pain relief and muscle relaxation when done right. For pet owners whose furry child is racked by physiological problems, consider animal acupuncture near me through our veterinary clinic – Safarivet.

Our veterinary specialists can leverage different acupuncture techniques. These include laser acupuncture and acupressure which involves applying pressure rather than needles at specific acupuncture points to generate the same results.

Acupuncture can shorten recovery time in recovering injured animals. In fact, acupuncture is believed by veterinarian doctors to be a helpful adjuvant therapy to normal treatments. Acupuncture seems to have no systemic negative effects. It may be beneficial for dogs that are unable to tolerate standard therapy.

As with other medical procedures, a mix of treatments is frequently the most effective way to treat disease conditions. Thankfully, acupuncture and medical therapy can be combined without any concerns, which is advantageous when neither method can deliver the required response alone.

What Sort of Conditions Can Be Treated with Animal Acupuncture?

A growing number of dog owners are researching the advantages of acupuncture to determine whether their best friend could profit from this kind of traditional therapy. However, many pet parents wonder if acupuncture is truly effective for treating diseases conditions. In our experience, the following conditions have been treated with acupuncture for animals:

  • Superficial nerve damage
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Kidney Failure
  • Skin infections
  • Arthritis and other joint diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Nausea and vertigo
  • Range of motion challenges

What to Expect from a Visit to an Acupuncturist

Visiting an animal acupuncturist begins with a general medical examination to determine what’s wrong with your pet. Laboratory tests can be done at this point, X-rays can be taken and medical history checked to know the next steps to take. After checking your dog, the veterinarian performing the acupuncture can schedule you for an acupuncture session.

During the acupuncture process, it’s important to calm your dog, offer treats and praise to avoid anxiety due to the newness of the environment. Typically, canine acupuncture might not take more than 30 minutes to conclude the procedure. Total visits to complete the treatment might involve 3 visits weekly for several weeks until there is observable improvement in your dog. Gradually, visits can be reduced until full healing is confirmed.

Side Effects of Acupuncture in Dogs

Like everything great, there are some downsides to acupuncture. Not all dogs will react positively to canine acupuncture. Though acupuncture for animals is largely safe, negative side effects can occur as rare as they may be.

Below is a list of possible adverse effects of canine acupuncture:

  • Mild inflammation at the site of needle piercing
  • Damage to a bodily portion or organ
  • Uncontrollable muscle tension and spasm at needle points
  • Contamination of the needle point
  • Slightly worsening condition within 48 hours of acupuncture

It is important that acupuncture is only done by a specialist veterinarian experienced in this medical procedure for animals to avoid worsening issues. Our veterinary clinic offers a high level acupuncture services proven to help relieve your pet’s pain problems.

When Should Acupuncture Be Considered?

For most veterinary clinics, canine acupuncture is only considered when other treatment options have failed. It’s also a choice solution for senior animals that cannot adequately process oral drugs due to reduced organ functionality.

Acupuncture for animals is an effective means of treating certain conditions without any need for oral medication, injections or surgery. It works when done by a skilled animal acupuncturist. As a pet parent, you can give acupuncture a shot if everything else has been tried with no reasonable outcomes.

Cost of Acupuncture in Dogs

As a specialist treatment, canine acupuncture isn’t supposed to come cheap. Cost will range from $25 to $400 per acupuncture session. Some veterinary care clinics will charge higher than others as cost is often dependent on various factors.

The condition of the animal being treated, equipment used, experience and skill-set of the veterinary acupuncturist, dog’s behavior are all factors that determine cost of an acupuncture session.

On average, acupuncture for animals will involve 8 different acupuncture sessions where each session can last up to 30 minutes or more to be effective. Over the course of 3-6 weeks, your dog will most likely respond to acupuncture treatment, all things being equal.

Getting Started with Animal Acupuncture

Dog acupuncture is a specialist field so it’s not all vet clinics that will provide this treatment. If you’re looking for animal acupuncture near me, you may have to run a search and contact vet services in your area. Be certain that your chosen vet is licensed to practice acupuncture for animals.

Your primary care veterinarian may be able to suggest a specialist in dog acupuncture if they are not certified in the field. Acupuncture is an effective practice that has been used for many centuries on humans before trying it on animals. If you have concerns about trying it out, professional counsel is the way to go.

For League City pet owners, Safari Veterinary Care Centers offers a certified, effective acupuncture service tried and tested to be effective when other conventional veterinary care might not work.

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