Pawsome Relief: The Magic Of Heat Therapy For Dogs

Pawsome Relief: The Magic Of Heat Therapy For Dogs

What is Heat Therapy for Dogs?

Heat therapy for dogs involves the safe and easy use of heat to relieve dogs of pain, reduce tension in its muscles and tissues and stimulate regenerative healing in affected parts of its body. Heat therapy for dogs is effective and simple to perform on a dog.

Animals that have suffered an injury, recovering from surgery or have arthritis can benefit from the magic of heat therapy. The efficacy of heat therapy for dogs with arthritis is unprecedented when there is regular application. If you want your dog to feel stronger and more robust if recovering from surgery, injury or any other debilitating issue, applying a heat wrap for dogs on the part can help.

In this post, we have discussed the beauty of heat therapy for dogs and everything that a pet owner should know about it.

Where Heat Therapy Is Most Effective

Heat therapy for dogs will improve blood flow causing the spread of rich nutrients and oxygen through the body system. Heat application at certain parts of the body will relieve tensed or sore muscles, lower blood pressure and relax the dog.

Veterinary physiologists like their colleagues who face human issues can leverage on physiotherapy using heat to rehabilitate injured dogs that require some form of recovery. For pet parents contemplating heat therapy for dogs, apply a heat wrap on the affected parts like:

  • Joints like shoulders, elbows, wrists
  • Back joints like hips, knees, ankles
  • Neck region
  • Back region
  • Inflamed or irritated muscle or tissue
  • Body parts affected by arthritis

Heat therapy is effective for mitigating the effects of wounds, inflammations, swellings and arthritis. Heat application is a proven means of treating several physiological conditions especially in injured dogs or senior dogs. Vets typically recommend leveraging the potency of heat therapy for dogs with arthritis for the above reasons.

Heat Therapy Materials to Use

To effectively carry out heat therapy on your dog, you need certain accessories to get worthwhile results. Typically, below are some resource materials to carry out heating therapy for dogs:

  • Heat wraps for dogs
  • Electrical heating blankets
  • Home-made heated sock (filled with absorbable soft cotton)
  • Heating devices designed specifically for heat therapy purposes

Application of Heat Therapy in Dogs

If it’s been concluded that your pet needs heat therapy, it’s Good to leave this practice to vets who are trained for it. League City veterinarians like Safari Veterinary Care Centers can work with you to deliver a heat therapy session that will relieve your dog of its pain over time.

For pet parents doing it themselves, careful placement of the heated material is key in reducing risk of burns. Do not place the heating on the dog’s skin immediately; it’s removed from the heating source to avoid harming the poor animal. In addition, it’s important not to leave the material on the dog’s body longer than 10 – 15 minutes.

While carrying heat therapy, observe carefully to note the dog’s response to the heat wrap on its body. If discomfort is noticed, remove it immediately and calm down the animal.

Is Heat Therapy for Dogs Expensive?

Heat therapy for dogs isn’t exactly cheap but it’s more than worth the money paid for it. On average, a heat therapy session will cost anywhere around $75 – $100 considering the clinic you visit. Some League City veterinarians charge less than others depending on several factors. At the end of the day, it’s about checking for what you can afford without feeling over-charged.

Doing it yourself with a bit of guidance can be effective too while costing you next to nothing. Do your due diligence and conclude on what’s good for your pup.

Risk of Heat Therapy

As great as heat therapy for dogs is, there are risks involved in its application. Below are some concerns to have in mind when your pet has to undergo heat therapy.

  • Ensure that your heating device isn’t burning hot but warm to the touch. Burns can harm your dog rather than give it relief. Take absolute care during this procedure.
  • Use padding and avoid direct contact on your pet’s body. Being careful will reduce the chances of hurting your dog by burning its skin.
  • Test and confirm the degree heat before commencing the heat therapy session for amazing results. Using your palm, feel the heating device before applying. A thermometer can also be used to get an accurate reading of the heating pack to be used ahead of application to the dog’s body.
  • Heat therapy should be done 8 – 6 hours apart to be effective. Too frequently and there are risks of becoming careless. Too far in-between and the end result might not be satisfactory.

Benefits of Heat Therapy for Dogs

Heat therapy when done using hot moist material can improve the rate at which heat penetrates into the body to stimulate restorative action on the animal. In fact, heat therapy can benefit your dog in the following ways:

  • Increase flow of blood in the dog’s system fostering healing action
  • Reduce pain, inflammation and swelling on affected body parts
  • Improve tissue and muscle healing and metabolism
  • Enhance joint mobility and range of motion by eradicating stiff joints and arthritic issues
  • Helps activate the body’s functionality in toxin elimination

Any concerns over DIY heat therapy should be relayed to your League City veterinarian for professional counsel and support.

Not all health conditions in your dog require heat therapy. Consulting a pet care vet will confirm if your pup actually needs this sort of treatment. Generally, heat therapy for dogs whether it’s DIY or via a professional vet service is effective and harmless.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers provides a comprehensive pet care service for League City pet owners. When it comes to your pet’s quality of life, working with an experienced vet clinic is the way to go.

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