Pet Allergies in Pearland: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Pet Allergies In Pearland: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Pet allergies are specific proteins found on pets that can trigger a person’s allergic immune response system. These compounds are called allergens and can be found on a pet’s body, typically in fur, skin, saliva and urine. Though harmless, allergens from pets can cause discomfort on our bodies due to our autoimmune response system which considers them as harmful.

In this post, we have discussed the symptoms and treatment options for pet allergies in Pearland. If you have a cat allergy or perhaps dog allergies, you will learn more on what you need to do and how to go about it from this post.

How Pet Allergies Happen

More times than not, allergy to pets is usually genetic. This means that if a parent has a cat allergy, you simply might have one as well. Pet allergies can affect anyone even without the genetic factor. Other animals like rabbits, horses, reptiles, etc can produce an allergic reaction in humans too. This reaction is fairly common and a study showed that close to 30% of the US population have cat or dog allergies. In fact, it’s more common in cats than in dogs!

Pet allergies, as mentioned earlier, happen when your body reacts to exposure to certain compounds called allergens in pets. The human body when in contact with a pet allergen will create an antibody known as the IgE aka Immunoglobulin E. There are different types of this antibody and each one is allergen specific.

This means that if a person is affected by say a cat allergy, they may not be affected by other allergies from other animals. Some individuals might have many antibodies against different animal allergies. These things happen and they’re completely normal.

When detected in the body, the antibodies isolate the allergy agent to an allergy cell releasing histamine as a byproduct. The external reaction experienced by a person affected by an allergy is derived from the creation of histamine.

Symptoms of Pet Allergy

Before heading to an Animal clinic in Pearland, TX for cat allergy treatment, for instance, it’s important to know the symptoms of what you’re feeling to be certain it’s an allergy. Symptoms of an allergy can cause fatigue, coughing and nasal congestion.

Depending on the severity of exposure, an allergy reaction can appear within 15 to 30 minutes of interacting with a pet. For some people with mild allergies, it might appear within a few days after exposure to a pet.

Common symptoms of Pet allergies include the following below:

  • Itchy skin
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Inflamed nostrils
  • Hives
  • Itchy throat
  • Itchy eyes
  • Breathing problems

The severity of symptoms should determine how quickly you seek medical attention. It’s important not to second-guess your symptoms. If you have suspicions of having an allergy attack, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Fortunately, pet allergies are not contagious so they cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

Treatment Options for Pet Allergy in Pearland

If avoiding pets, which is actually effective, is out of the equation, your treatment options might involve anyone of the recommendations below.

  1. Consider taking over-the-counter anti-allergy medication like antihistamine pills. This sort of medication will stop even severe reactions when taking properly.

  2. For a long-duration solution, consider taking immunotherapy allergy shots to manage your allergies. This solution is effective and can stop your allergic reaction completely over time as your body builds up resistance against the allergen.

  3. For nasal irritation, try out nasal corticosteroids. Though most treatment options may have side effects, the long term relief that comes from it more than compensates for it .On average, antihistamines become potent after 30 minutes of intake. Efficacy can last up to 4-5 hours, giving quick relief to an affected person. For persons often in the midst of animals, you may want to consult your healthcare personnel for long lasting options like allergy drops and allergy shots.

We cannot do without our pets as they are part and parcel of our lives. Pet allergies are quite common and though known to cause discomfort, it’s oftentimes not fatal. A person is more likely to experience a cat allergy than a dog. Whether you need cat allergy treatment or that of some other animal, consulting professional help is the ideal way to tackle this health concern.

For a more effective solution, seek counsel from your healthcare provider to get a personalized treatment specific to you.

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