Preventive Care for your pet to keep them happy and healthy

Preventive Care For Your Pet To Keep Them Happy And Healthy

Being a pet owner doesn’t just mean having a pet; it also means you are a pet parent. In other words, you are completely responsible for the welfare and well-being of that pet. Most people usually go for either a dog or a cat as pets because they can be easily managed. You can seek the help of your veterinary clinic in League City if you need assistance.

In this write-up, we will be discussing how you can keep your pet happy and healthy always. A healthy pet is a happy pet and nothing beats seeing your furry friend happy, lively and full of energy. Below are some techniques in wellness and preventive care of pets.

Regularly scheduled Checkups and examinations

Regularly scheduled checkups are a major way of avoiding health complications in your pet. When you carry out regular checks on your pet, you are more likely to notice abnormal changes. If you are too busy to do this, you can ask a friend, neighbor or visit any professional League City Veterinarian to run checks for you.

A simple body check can even turn up some findings for you. You might notice your pet has a limp, a wound or some unusual behavior if you look closely.

Timely, Nutritious Feeding

For optimal health, your pet needs to be fed enough. It is important to follow the meal plan precisely to prevent starving your cat. Pets that are fed well stay healthier and happier than hungry, starving pets that may even turn mean and aggressive.

The most amazing food is what your pet deserves. There are numerous types of dog and cat food, so you don’t have to buy the priciest ones to provide your pet with a healthy diet. You can offer a delicious treat now than as a bonus when it is convenient for you. You want your pet to look and feel good? Feed it properly and on time too.


To be in their optimum condition, pets need to be properly groomed. Grooming involves bathing them, trimming and cutting their coats, cleaning them up, cutting of nails, dental care, and body checks to ensure there are no injuries or infections.

Dental care

Just like humans, our pets have dental problems too and when left unattended might degenerate into something worse. You may not need to brush your dog’s teeth daily but weekly is better than not at all. While brushing your pet’s teeth, you might notice easily if it has a bad dental condition. Visiting the League City Veterinarian time to time for dental checkups could also be welcome bonus necessary to keep your dog in good health. A simple looking situation where your cat refuses to eat might be because of a teeth or mouth problem.

Playtime and exercise

Pets like dogs and cats are naturally active and enjoy a more active lifestyle. If your pet is always cooped up in the house, some play time or walk outside is necessary if it must remain healthy and fit. Even if you have a busy schedule or you’re going away for some time, you could enlist the help of friends, family, neighbors or even pet sitters who can take your pet for a walk, play catch with it or just keep it company.

Dogs, for example, are social animals and enjoy companionship; leaving it alone in the house can be boring and unhealthy for it. Some play time, a show of attention and love, exercise always leaves your pet in a happy and healthy mood.

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