Puppy Weight Management: Tips for Proper Nutrition and Growth

Puppy Weight Management: Tips For Proper Nutrition And Growth

While it’s not advisable to reduce the intake of food for puppies, it’s important to ensure that your pet doesn’t become obese from too much food. Young dogs have a high metabolism which makes them eat voraciously.

As a caring pet parent, it’s easy to get carried away by leaving food easily accessible to your pet whenever it wants. Over-feeding and the subsequent obesity that comes with it can cause health problems for your pet if left unchecked. Puppy nutrition must always be seen as a priority for your pet.

In this post, we discuss tips for proper nutrition and growth for your pet in today’s pet parenting world.

Helping Overweight Pups Lose Weight

If you’re looking at puppy weight management, increasing exercise time and reducing feeding excesses can help your puppy lose weight. Only feed your pet at a scheduled time ensuring the intervals are spaced out. Over-feeding will definitely lead to more weight gain and obesity and you don’t want that.

Only feed your dog with meals recommended by your vet. Puppy nutrition is dicey so adequate care must be taken to get it right. Avoid over the counter quick meals because most of them don’t contain enough nutrients that your young pup needs to grow well and healthy. The general concession by pet care specialists is for puppy owners to go for foods that are as natural as possible. Keep ‘lite’ and ‘special’ meal formulas away from your pets.

Work with a schedule that splits up your puppy’s meals into several parts. You can feed your dog several small meals in a day rather than 2 large meals at a sitting. If your meals are rich, your pup will be in good health even with the small portions given to it.

Therapy-based Dieting – How It Helps

If your pet has become overweight, one way to get it to shed some of it is by taking up the concept of therapy dieting. To do this successfully, you will need professional veterinary support. For instance, an animal hospital in League City can provide counsel on meals that encourage weight loss.

Typically, recommended meals increase your pup’s metabolism so it burns food fast. Or in some cases, they’re meals that digest quickly in the pet’s body. Meals that contain more protein than fat will also get broken down faster for use in a dog’s body.

So, ensure that your pet isn’t missing out on essential nutrients that will add to the quality of the feeding it takes every day.

Daily Exercise Is Important

We cannot displace the importance of daily exercise in keeping our dogs in good health. Overweight pets not only require a change in diet and reduced feeding; they also need daily exercise for about 30 minutes cumulatively. Unless you want an obese dog, your pup just needs decent playtime and outdoor activity to keep its weight now check? Exercise can come in the form of daily walks, jogging with you, walking or running on a treadmill and enough playtimes in the field. A fit, active dog is an enjoyable and mobile companion for every dog owner.

If you’re just getting started with dog exercises, consider having a leash with you to have control of the dog. Take the processes in bits and rest your pet. Timing of exercise shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes per time as the case maybe. As the weeks go by and you notice your pet losing weight, you can increase the time to allow your pet to work even harder.

Feeding time also presents an opportunity to make your pets work for their food. Place their meals up a stair or an incline and have them go get it themselves. The more you make your pets work for their food, the healthier they get in terms of nutrition.

Overtime, your pet will become healthier, eat better and have a healthy weight. You don’t have to start looking for the ultimate puppy food to get good outcomes in your pet. Once you’re done with taking care of puppy vaccination, next on the list is to sort out puppy nutrition and get it fixed with a feeding schedule to boot.

It’s enough to get a pup, how you take care of your dog’s diet can determine if you have a fit, agile dog or an obese, illness-prone one. Our Animal hospital in League City helps pet owners in putting together a healthy meal plan that’s fitting for your pup.

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