Rabies Vaccines for Puppies: What Every New Pet Owner Should Know

Rabies Vaccines For Puppies: What Every New Pet Owner Should Know

Keeping your pet safe and sound is a responsibility that every pet owner should take seriously. Without proper care, dangerous canine diseases like rabies can harm our pets. Knowing what rabies is and how to prevent it is important knowledge a pet parent shouldn’t joke with. Fortunately, puppy vaccines are now more effective than ever before in dealing with these health conditions preventatively.

In this post, we discuss what every pet owner should know about rabies vaccines for puppies.

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What is Rabies?

Rabies is a communicable viral disease that can be transmitted through saliva when an infected animal bites a clean victim. It is usually found in different outdoor rodents and small critters. Caused by the Lyssavirus, rabies affects all mammals fatally. This disease condition isn’t something to take lightly. Dogs are particularly susceptible to it and will easily transmit it to whoever they bite. In fact, if a dog with rabies bites a person, it’s considered a serious offense and the crimes for it are quite heavy.

Therefore, puppy rabies shots are a necessity for any dog owner. Rabies is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of mammals worldwide every year. There are 5 strains found in animals like foxes, coyotes, dogs, raccoons and skunks. All are fatal when transmitted to dogs and lead to death. Once bitten and infected, a dog will show symptoms between 3 – 8 weeks. Sometimes, symptoms can appear quicker than that. There have been cases of signs being noticed in 10 days after transmission.

Due to how fast this virus attacks and damages the nervous system, puppy vaccination is the most effective deterrent against it. However, the big question is, when can puppies get rabies shot?

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Signs and Symptoms of Rabies

Signs and symptoms of rabies can vary in animals. Typically, the symptoms fall under two broad categories – the furious stage and the numb stage.

For the first stage, the affected animal is hyperactive and excitable. Symptoms include:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Ferocious non-stop barking and biting attempts
  • Increased sensitivity to light and sound
  • Crazy, uncoordinated display
  • Foaming in the mouth

For the second stage, the affected animal is numb, immobile and paralyzed. Symptoms include:

  • A weakened body language
  • Heightened lethargy
  • Severe paralysis
  • Total nervous shutdown
  • Death from respiratory system collapse

Rabies is deadly and there is no reversal once symptoms appear. It is therefore critical that preventative measures are taken through the rabies vaccine for puppies at a recommended veterinary clinic in your area.

How Important Are Rabies Vaccines?

Very important! If you’re asking this question and wondering when puppies get their rabies shot, then the short answers are yes and as soon as possible. Rabies vaccines for puppies are super essential, to put it mildly. You could fall into the wrong hands of the law if it’s discovered that your dog hasn’t been vaccinated for rabies.

It gets even worse if it bites a person or another dog. Ideally, your pup should be vaccinated for rabies from age 9-12 weeks. It’s mandated by law in all US states that vaccinations for rabies are carried out for all canines. To avoid any confusion when you get a new pup, you may wish to contact your local veterinary clinic to learn how to get started.

Known Side Effects of Rabies Vaccination

Rabies shot for puppies are typically safe with little to no side effects. However, in unique cases, some dogs have been known to be an exception.

  • Mild Side Effects of Rabies Shot
  • Soreness and swelling at the site of the shot
  • Loss of appetite
  • General debility
  • Slight fever that goes away
  • Hives
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Facial swelling on nose, yes or muzzle
  • Coughing

If you notice any unusual reaction in your pup after a puppy’s rabies shot, consult a veterinary clinic near you immediately. Most symptoms are mild and don’t persist more than 24 hours.

What Age Is Suitable for Puppy Rabies Shot?

You don’t have to wonder what age puppies get rabies shots. It’s ideal to give your puppy rabies shot within 6 months of life. The first shot lasts for a year and subsequently booster shots can be given every 3 years throughout the dog’s life. This is called by state law if you must own a dog.

Rabies Vaccine Cost for Dogs

The fatality of rabies makes it a top concern anywhere there are dogs living with humans. Therefore, rabies vaccination shots are a must for every dog. The good news is that it is reasonably priced.

Depending on your location and the brand you hire for pet care, your puppy vaccination for rabies should be in the range of $15 – $30. It could be a bit more. Check with your local veterinary clinic to be sure of ongoing rates.

Puppy rabies shot can also be administered at home. Ask questions in your area for mobile clinics that can help give your new puppy this important shot.

Caring for Your Pet

Puppy vaccinations are essential to your pet care routine and a veterinary clinic like Safarivet provides the support needed for these vaccinations, e.g. rabies shots. Safari Veterinary Care Centers provides a top-notch veterinary vaccination service that will protect your pup from deadly diseases like rabies.

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