Right Food For Dogs With Kidney Disease (Updated 2024)

Right Food For Dogs With Kidney Disease (Updated 2024)

Just like humans, dogs can be affected by kidney disease which often requires specialized care. In fact, 10 % of dogs are likely to experience this condition. While kidney disease is not always fatal, early detection is important to ensure efficacy of treatment procedures. One of the approaches in the management of this condition is food. Proper planning of food for dogs with kidney disease can make a lot of difference in the life of the affected dog.

With the right information, proper planning, and the application of treatments, kidney disease can be effectively tackled, giving you a new chance at life. It doesn’t have to be fatal if things are done right and on time. In this post, we have discussed the right food for dogs with kidney disease and everything else you need to know to give your pet adequate care.

Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney disease in dogs can come in 2 forms; it could be chronic or acute. Each condition has a particular set of signs and symptoms associated with it. Acute kidney disease is often characterized by a sudden manifestation that can be treated with relative ease. However, a dog with kidney failure that is chronic usually develops over time and is harder to treat or manage. Knowing the differences will help in providing the right treatment and providing the right food for your dog.

Without proper kidney function, that is, waste removal, cleaning blood and body fluid balancing, the animal will experience debilitating symptoms. Veterinary care in addition to food choices is the way to resolve kidney diseases.

What Foods Help Repair Kidneys in Dogs?

Food for dogs with kidney disease is different from healthy dogs with no issues. There are certain food considerations that must be made in the interest of the affected pup. Meal plans will be different at different points of the dog’s life so it’s often best to work with an experienced veterinary personnel. Dogs with early stage kidney disease might do well with a protein rich diet compared to older dogs that will have difficulty processing the protein.

Whether you choose to make homemade meals or buy prescription food for your dog, getting the nutrients right is what truly matters. Therefore, it’s important to look out for meals that are tasty, have enough water content, low on phosphorus and has the right amount of protein

On average, the nutrient composition of foods that help repair kidney in dogs should have the following in the right proportion:

  • Protein
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Omega 3 fatty acid which contains EPA & DHA

Home-made Kidney Meals

Consider offering your dog more of organic diets that contain either or a combination of meaty bone, muscle meat, organ meat or fish. This sort of kidney diet is rich in the essential nutrients that a dog with kidney failure needs to stay alive and kicking.

Your home-made meals should consist of these:

  • Animal protein, could be meat, organs, etc
  • Fresh whole fruits and vegetables mixed into the food
  • A lot of moisture (water content in the food)

Commercial Kidney Diet For Dog

For commercial prescription meals, the focus should be on meals that meet your pet’s dietary needs. When buying a commercial kidney diet for dogs, look out for foods that have the following features:

  • Organic with no preservatives, additives or chemical processing
  • With minimal phosphorus content in them as this element is known to slow down kidney disease progression
  • Foods that contain a great deal of raw nutrients, this could be grains, veggies, fruits, properly prepared raw meat
  • Foods low on sodium because sodium increases the workload of kidneys
  • Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and B-vitamins which are both essential in improving kidney function by replenishing its cells and reducing inflammation

Avoid kibble if your dog has a kidney disease condition. Kibble is dry food which can further dehydrate your dog’s system thereby worsening its failing kidney function.

What to Feed a Dog with Kidney Failure Who Will Not Eat?

It’s not enough to feed your dog with kidney failure with foods that help that kidney. The diet has to be tasty too so that the dog would love eating it. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the taste of the food is a huge part of ensuring that your dog eats its meal.

To this end, home-made meals are highly recommended because a lot of mixed options can be tried out to see what your pup loves. Home-made meals are often organic, nutrient-dense diets that your dog can find delicious.

If your dog with kidney disease will not eat, simply consider going for home-made meals following recommendations from a trusted veterinary specialist who has experience in organic dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I feed my dog with kidney failure and no appetite?

For dogs refusing to eat their meals due to a lack of appetite, you may wish to consult your veterinary specialist to learn about organic meals that dogs with kidney disease find tasty.

Canines suffering from kidney illness consume human food?

Dogs can eat human food like veggies, whole fruits, fish and fresh meat.

What if my dog has kidney failure and has stopped eating?

If your dog has stopped eating due to kidney failure, you may wish to visit your local vet to check your pet. Only through proper diagnosis will your vet know what’s wrong with your pet and make recommendations on the way forward.

What kind of food can I prepare for my kidney-failing dog?

Cooking for your dog with kidney failure can be a fun activity. Consider parboiling fresh veggies, raw meat and meaty bones. Ensure you don’t overcook the meals to maintain its freshness.

How to encourage a dog with kidney disease to eat?

Sometimes, your dog with kidney disease might need a little bit of motivation to eat its meal. Consider petting and speaking positively to your pet. Pamper and praise your dog as well as offer tasty treats that the animal will love to eat. Kidney food for dogs should be made to taste and smell great too.

Is chicken bad for dogs with kidney disease?

Chicken isn’t bad for dogs with kidney disease. As a food type, chicken has a good composition of meat and bone which are nutritious for an affected dog’s needs. While the meat provides rich healthy protein, the brittle bone of the chicken contains rich calcium is great for dogs with kidney. Chicken is completely safe for dogs experiencing kidney disease.

What meat is good for dogs with kidney disease?

The good meats for dogs with kidney disease are typically raw muscle meat and organ meat, from cattle, sheep, goats, pork, chicken or fish. Processed meat products should be avoided as much as possible.

Is white rice good for dogs with kidney disease?

White rice is good for dogs with kidney disease. It is low in phosphorus and potassium compared to other sources of carbohydrate. Digesting the rice is also easy for the dog’s system because of its rich mineral content.

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