The complete guide to rehabilitation for Pets – Safarivet

The Complete Guide To Rehabilitation For Pets – Safarivet

Like humans, pets also undergo rehabilitation after treatment of certain ailments, especially injuries that require surgery. As a pet owner, it is vital to know what rehabilitation entails for pets to help you prepare for such occurrences. And if you’re already looking to find a pet rehabilitation center, you do benefit from this article as well.

What is Pet rehabilitation?

If you already know about rehabilitation for humans, then think of pet rehabilitation to be similar to that.

Basically, pet rehabilitation refers to the process of managing your pet’s health after treatment.

This is meant to get your pet back to shape through exercises and other rehabilitation methods. Pets that have undergone surgeries and general treatment of injuries that affect their mobility mostly require surgery to get back in good shape.

Getting Started with Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of your pet should begin immediately after treatment to ensure that your pet recovers correctly. At Safarivet, we start your pet with mild exercises that won’t stress him, and we do not force your pet to perform exercises. As you may know, forcing pets to perform exercises can result in emotional harm and fear. As specialists, we are well aware of this and try at all times to provide the greatest workout possible for your pet so that he can do it fearlessly and pleasantly.

These exercises help to strengthen core muscle strength, work on specific leg muscles, amongst other functions. We offer these services to clients in League City and its environs, so if you’re looking for vet rehabilitation in League City, Safarivet is within your reach.

What is the Duration of Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation doesn’t take too long, so you don’t have to worry about when to take your pet home. The duration of rehabilitation differs – depending on the condition of your pet.

Rehabilitation usually lasts between 6 to 8 weeks in most cases, and you can always visit to see how your pet is responding. The improvement becomes visible 3 to 4 weeks into rehabilitation.

If your pet is going to stay longer, we will discuss it with you and let you know – based on the results we get. Ideally, we carry pet owners along throughout the process and send reports about their pet’s progress and when to expect them back.

When Should Rehabilitation begin After Surgery?

So that your pet can recover correctly and healthily, rehabilitation should begin immediately after surgery. And that’s what we do here at Safarivet. We carry out different phases of rehabilitation, and we start as soon as your pet treatment is complete and change different exercises as your pet responds to changes.

Different phases/sessions consist of a series of exercises, designed to help restore your pet’s range of motion. We administer exercises based on your pet’s condition to ensure your pet gets back to his original state. We also manage chronic conditions in pets during this period as a veterinary rehabilitation entails.

What is the Cost of Pet Rehabilitation?

We understand price is one factor that could result in pet owners opting to handle their pet rehab, which may not really go well. At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, we care about your pet and won’t have you reach so deep into your pocket to keep your pet healthy. So, our fee for rehabilitation is quite affordable, and it depends on the condition of your pet and the period of recovery. We’ll discuss it with you and work things out before we begin.

Wrap Up

Are you wondering if pet rehabilitation is beneficial? You don’t want a situation where your dog won’t get back to his original state after a surgery – rehabilitation in a pet rehabilitation center with experts and state-of-the-art facilities can help. Rehabilitation helps to increase range and mobility in your pet after suffering a severe injury. It also helps ease pains after surgery and helps get your pet back to a healthy state, without impairment.

If you’re in League City, there’s no need to search for “veterinary rehabilitation near me”, “pet rehabilitation near me” and other similar phrases to find a pet rehabilitation center that offers excellent services. “With our state-of-the-art facilities and board-certified veterinarians, Safarivet offers you unparalleled.

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