The Touch That Heals: Therapeutic Massage For Happy And Healthy Dogs

The Touch That Heals: Therapeutic Massage For Happy And Healthy Dogs

When it comes to relieving pain in your dog, therapeutic massage is an effective solution that should not be overlooked. In fact, with canine therapeutic massage, your dog can stay relaxed, happy and healthy for longer periods of time.

If having your dogs relaxed, pain-free and satisfied is something you love then we have discussed everything you need to know with regards to therapeutic massage for dogs in League City.

Therapeutic Massage for Dogs

Also known as Canine Massage Therapy, this is an activity that concerns rubbing, massaging and kneading the soft tissue and muscle matter on a dog’s body to stimulate it to relax, ease tension and relieve pain from its body. While this practice can be done at home by an experienced pet parent, it’s often better to hire professional pet care vets to massage your dog when needed.

Just like humans enjoy a good massage experience at the spa, pets have been found to enjoy a good old massage session as well. Pets love being in contact with their pet parent and regular massage activity is a perfect opportunity for this to happen repeatedly.

Therapeutic massage for dogs is wonderful in several ways. We will discuss these amazing benefits shortly, and in addition to them, you can easily detect if you have pet is fine when you rub down on it or apply some massaging techniques. Dogs of all ages benefit a lot from quality massage sessions.

What to Look Out for When Massaging Your Dog

It’s important to be certain that your dog is comfortable during the canine therapeutic massage session. Check to see if it’s in a relaxed state and happy. If you’re good with reading animal body language, it’s not hard to tell the state your pet is in per time.

Some dogs can get so relaxed that they fall asleep. Ensure you talk to them softly, slowly and offer praises during the massage therapy. Dogs are very sharp at picking up at cues and will respond according to your energy. Be positive, calm and patient and your pup will likely be at ease. Alternatively, if all these activity seem a little too much for you, seeking professional assistance at an Animal hospital in League City isn’t a bad idea.

When your dog shows any sort of discomfort, you will catch it from its disposition. Growling, whining, restlessness or attempts at removing itself from your hold all point at being uncomfortable at what’s being done to it. Be careful if any one of these behaviors is displayed to avoid getting bitten.

Steps to Massage Your Dog Effectively DIY-fashion

Therapeutic massage for dogs can be carried out right in your home if you have experience in caring for animals and have the confidence to get it done. Below are a few steps to take when massaging your dog to relieve pain, or get it to relax:

  1. Take your pet to a quiet area of the house without distractions or noise. Make sure the canine is relaxed and not anxious. Softly stroke the affected part with the flat of your palm to check its response. Run your palms slowly in a long expansive motion while checking for a reaction, swelling, or signs of hurt.

  2. Rub down on the body from end to end in a sweeping motion. Observe again to see if your dog is enjoying the sensation. Try not to press down while avoiding sensitive body parts. Only increase the pressure slightly if the dog is enjoying the attention.

  3. Massage the affected areas firmly but gently without causing unnecessary hurt. If the dog is enjoying it, extend the massage to the base of its skull and the base of the tail to induce more relaxation and sensory stimulation.

Benefits of Canine Therapeutic Massage

If you’re contemplating Canine Therapeutic Massage for your dog, below is a detailed breakdown of the benefits:

  • Improves the range of motion of your dog

    Massage can improve the flexibility and mobility of your dog’s joint and muscle strength. Dogs suffering with mobility issues will experience more ease of movement with consistent massages. Consider regular massage for your pup to increase its range of motion especially if it’s an older dog.

  • Increases the natural bond and tie between you and your dog

    Massage sessions are a great way to bond with your furry child. As a tactile activity, the experience is rich and calming for your animal. It can be a great time to show affection to your pet as it spends quality time with you.

  • Reduces discomfort, stress and pain

    When done correctly, therapeutic massage for dogs can reduce stress, pain and anxiety in your pet. Dogs love being touched by the owners, and just like humans, the personal nature of a touch can be soothing. Massage will relax tensed muscles, calm anxious nerves with reassurance and stimulate blood circulation in a gradual, non-threatening fashion.

  • Improved blood circulation

    Canine therapeutic massage is effective in increasing the circulation of blood within the body of an animal. With properly done massage, oxygen-rich blood circulates through the dog’s body keeping it energized and in a good state of health. Adequate blood circulation is essential for brain and heart health in animals.

  • Better digestive system function

    Regular canine massage can improve the digestive function of a dog’s body after meals. Gas can build up with no outlet causing discomfort for dogs. Gentle stomach massage can release gas from trapped organs to be removed easily. Fecal matter can also stimulated for easy passing out through this way.

    Therapeutic massage for dogs can be carried out by a professional vet at our animal clinic in League City. Several benefits can be obtained from a properly-done therapeutic massage. As a pet owner, taking your dog for a canine massage session regularly can improve its quality of life, keep it consistently relaxed and make it a happy, calm animal.

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