Top Ten Professional Ways To Calm Hyperactive Dogs In League City, TX

Top Ten Professional Ways To Calm Hyperactive Dogs In League City, TX

If your dog appears to be hyperactive or too excited, the cause is most likely boredom and a lack of stimulation. Here are ten strategies to help calm your hyperactive dog:

  • Ignore your dog’s over-excitement.

    Your dog would often crave your attention by being hyperactive. If you give in to your dog’s hyper behavior, you will be rewarding the behavior you want to eliminate. If you observe your dog spinning in circles, nipping, or jumping overly excitedly, do not pay attention and do not touch or make eye contact with him. This reaction from you will calm your dog without requiring you to exert much effort.

  • Give your dog a task.

    When your dog is idle, it gives room for boredom, resulting in over-excitement. A task would help redirect your dog’s nervous energy. For instance, giving your dog a puzzle toy will require your dog to be focused.

  • Go for a dog walk.

    If you notice your dog has a lot of pent-up energy, taking him for a walk is a great way to channel or redirect that energy. After expending all that pent-up energy, your dog will be too tired to jump around or spin in circles.

  • One activity at a time.

    You may feel frustrated with your dog’s behavioral changes, and this frustration could lead to trying a lot of activities simultaneously to calm your dog. You must understand that to see the desired change in your dog; you need to be patient with your dog. If your dog senses your irritability, he could become upset and not exhibit the desired behavior you crave.

  • Be calm.

    One key fact to note as a dog owner is that your dog mirrors you. Any mood you put out will be reflected in you. Anxious or worried moods might be shown in anxious body language or speech tones, influencing your dog’s energy. So be a calm pack leader.

  • Engage your dog’s nose.

    A dog’s nose is its primary sense organ and so capturing your dog’s nose with soothing scents like vanilla can help your dog relax. In addition, you could hide your dog’s treat at strategic places in the house and have him sniff it out. This exercise will help stimulate your dog mentally.

  • Feed quality diet.

    The quality of your dog’s food has a significant role in his behavior. Feeding your dog foods loaded with sugar, fillers, and coloring can negatively impact your dog. So, endeavor to feed high-quality foods to your dog.

  • Engage your dog in canine sports.

    You can channel your dog’s hyper-activeness into sports, like chasing a flying disc, retrieving toys from water, etc. To find these sports classes in your area or a veterinary hospital or clinic that organizes these sports, particularly in League City, search online for “animal center in league city,” “veterinary clinic league city,” “veterinarian near me.”

  • Spay/Neuter your dog.

    The most prevalent cause of hyperactiveness in dogs is that they have neither been spayed nor neutered. If your adult dog’s behavior changes dramatically due to no apparent reason, you should consider sterilizing him.

  • Speak with an expert.

    If you have exhausted every means you know to calm your hyperactive dog and there’s no positive change, contact an expert because they are well versed in all the techniques needed to calm him. Looking for a veterinary hospital in League City, visit Safari Veterinary Care Center. At Safarivet, you can rest assured that all issues of hyperactiveness will be professionally taken care of by our vets.

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