Top Ten Tips For Raising A Puppy In Houston, TX

Top Ten Tips For Raising A Puppy In Houston, TX

Puppies are just so adorable, and you wish to raise one. Here are ten pointers to guide you in successfully raising a pup

  • Be adequately prepared.

    If you wish to keep a puppy, you must select the appropriate breed that suits your preference. Choosing the appropriate dog breed is essential because each dog breed plays a distinct role, and training is also distinct. Adequate preparation for the specific breed you desire to raise is crucial to raising a dog.

  • Begin dog training early.

    Just as with other dog healthcare, training your pup early is vital. Proper training helps you better manage your dog. For proper dog training, you need the help of a professional. In need of an expert dog trainer, contact Safari Veterinary Care Center,  a veterinary clinic in league city.

  • Be patient during potty training.

    Potty training your pup isn’t a feat achieved in a short time. It takes quite some time to teach your puppy proper etiquette. As a dog owner, your pup’s taking dung in the wrong place may irritate you, but you need to be patient.

    Take note; this is a dog, not a human. Designate an area in your yard where your pup can poop, and over time he will learn to only poop in that area.

  • Show affection.

    Showing your pup attention by caressing and rubbing its cute little face can make it happy and help him trust and obey you. However, if you keep away from him, it may take a while to build trust and have companionship. So ensure you start early in showing your pup affection.

  • Keep your puppy near you.

    At the initial stage of bringing your pup home, he would always want to be with you. Ensure you do not turn him away, keep your pup near you as often as you can. This act will positively impact his growth.

  • Encourage activities that wear out your pup.

    It’s so adorable to see your puppy jump, run around, and cuddle on the floor. This activity pleasantly wears out your pup, which is a good thing. When your pup is tired, he recuperates and increases his strength.

  • Give your pup food suitable for tooth growth.

    Nutrition, to a large extent, influences your pup’s teeth growth. Our experts at Safari Veterinary Care Center advise you to give your pup something sturdy and durable to gnaw on if you can’t ascertain when its teeth will be fully developed. This activity will help your pup develop healthy teeth.

  • Mess around a little.

    Yes, you read that right. It’s okay to mess with your pup a little. Making funny faces or any other subtle gesture with your pup is safe.

  • Have fun with your pup.

    One important thing you would realize is that your pup loves to play around and would often want to engage you in this fun activity. Why not indulge him and have fun with your pup.

  • Socialization.

    Learn to gradually introduce your puppy to new stuff based on his temperament. Socializing with your pup entails introducing and doing some activities with him for the first time. Examples of things to introduce your pup to are other humans, other dogs, dog parks, puppy classes, and visitation to the vet.

    Furthermore, please take note that one of the basic steps to take after getting your puppy is to take him to see the vet for a comprehensive health examination. In League City, searching for “vets in league city Texas,” “veterinary clinic league city,” “animal hospital Houston TX,” “animal clinic Houston TX,” because you do not know any vet in Houston, don’t hesitate to reach us at Safari Veterinary care Center.

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