Top Ten Tips To Know Before Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home In League City, TX

Top Ten Tips To Know Before Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home In League City, TX

Leaving your dog at home alone and not feeling guilty is perhaps one challenging thing to do as a pet parent. We at Safarivet have put together ten things you can do to make leaving your furry friend alone at home easier for you and your pet.

  • Keep household items, food, and toxins out of reach.

    It is the most crucial step before leaving your dog at home alone. Ensure you eliminate any potentially dangerous occurrence by safeguarding and keeping out of reach your medicine, foodstuff, wires, clothes, shoes, cleaning chemicals, and any other places in the home that your dog could get into while you’re gone. It will help to avoid accidents and decrease the possibility of harm.

  • Wear out your dog before leaving.

    Before you leave, go on a dog walk, play with your dog, and engage him in some healthy exercise. When you leave, your dog will not be lonely because he has got to spend time with you. Also, your dog will be tired after the walk and may sleep after you leave.

  • Engage the services of a dog walker/sitter.

    Before leaving your dog at home, hire a reputable dog walker or a sitter to take your furry buddy for a walk and watch him while you are away. You could also enlist the assistance of a family member or friend. Inform them of your dog’s routines and preferences. Ensure they have your dog’s veterinarian’s phone number and know the first-aid kit is stored.

  • Leave toys and things that remind your dog of you around him.

    Your dog may become agitated if he is bored. To prevent this, leave his favorite toys and toys that engage his mind with him before you leave the house. His toy can keep him occupied for hours. You can also leave the TV on if he likes to watch the TV.

    Additionally, leaving him with items that smell like you can make your dog feel more at ease.

  • Consider boarding your dog.

    If you will be away for a couple of days, consider boarding your dog at an excellent boarding kennel. Ensure you choose a boarding kennel that is safe, sanitary, secured, and has an on-site vet. Are you looking for a Houston, Texas, veterinary clinic, animal hospital, or economical, outstanding animal hospital that satisfies all the requirements for an outstanding dog boarding experience? Contacting Safari Veterinary Care Center, which has some of Houston, Texas’s top veterinarians on staff, is a wise decision. Our services at Safarivet for taking care of your pet are impeccable.

  • Get professional help.

    Before leaving your dog at home alone, one crucial thing is this; you must have trained your dog to be independent of you and stay home by itself. Hiring a skilled dog trainer or canine behaviorist might assist you in preparing your dog to remain calm at home. You can contact us to get the professional help you need. We are a call away.

  • Reduce stress.

    Loud sounds from traffic, people outside, or even bright lights can cause uneasiness in some pets. If you know what causes your dog stress, strive to eliminate those triggers so that your dog does not become uncomfortable while you are away.

  • Get a dog camera.

    Install a pet camera (preferably one with speakers) in your home. It makes you keep tabs on your dog and act quickly if something goes wrong.

  • Have a go-to caregiver.

    Engage the assistance of a neighbor or family member who lives nearby to assist you in case of an emergency while you’re away. Ensure they have the vet’s phone number, your house keys, and the whereabouts of your dog’s documents and meds.

  • Be calm around your pet.

    Your pet can sense your emotions, so remain calm when leaving the house. If you express anxiety in your dog’s presence, he will sense it and become anxious. So, before you leave the house, keep your normal activities quiet so that your dog can do the same.

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