Value-added Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in a Pet’s Treatment

Value-added Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy In A Pet’s Treatment

Stem cell therapy has been shown to be the most effective pet treatment method for a number of disorders. It is now utilized to treat medical conditions in people. Ailments like leukemia, lymphoma, blood disorders, tumors and cancers. There are limited Stem Cell Therapy Clinics in Texas who handle such procedures both for humans and pets professionally.

Stem cell therapy leverages on the ability of the stem cells to regenerate tissues by itself. This means that when these stem cells are introduced into a tissue in a specific part of the body, they simply grow themselves, repairing the affected area without any side effects.

In pets, it is a somewhat new procedure but they can also enjoy the advantage found in this treatment. In the right instances, this treatment has shown astounding results in pets. This process is the most excellent thing that has happened to veterinary science, according to an MD and associate professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary science’s Regenerative Medicine Laboratory.

Regenerative pet stem cell therapy just like that carried out in humans requires using the stem cells harvested in the animal’s body to rebuild damaged or missing tissues by leveraging on the body’s natural healing ability. This means that your pets don’t have to suffer certain ailments again and for the right fee, you can have them treated and back to normal.

Stem cell therapy has been successfully carried out in dogs and cats and the procedure involves using stem cells from the animal’s bone marrow, umbilical cord blood or fat of your pet or another similar species. The veterinarian injects the harvested stem cells into the infected region and this new cells move into the damaged tissue, reducing pain and inflammation and causing new tissue to regenerate from the diseased area causing healing action. This is usually the procedure for regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas clinics. With time, the treatment might have to be extended to other pets and not just for dogs and cats.

Veterinarians in Texas have used Dog Stem Therapy in their veterinary clinics to get succeed in treating osteoarthritis, injuries to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and the spinal cord in dogs. The benefits of this type of treatment is unbelievable though this doesn’t mean it works for every disease condition or pet for that matter. The treatment has been touted capable of treating dry eyes, stomatitis, diabetes and immune diseases in dogs and cats as well.

A stem cell’s ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissues has been its strongest points. It could be called the ‘ultimate healing agent’. Doctors have used this procedure to treat several body conditions in humans. From tissue grafts, transplants, bone joint treatments and many others.

A number of dog stem cell therapy clinics in Texas are taking up this treatment option which has been in research for over 35 years before now but only recently come to the limelight for treatment of diseases in pets. A lot of diseases can be treated using this therapy but for now, treatment has been limited to a select few diseases till further testing and studies deems it necessary to advance further.

Mortality in dogs is usually from cardiac arrest, malignant tumors and renal diseases but with this type of treatment, it is expected that a number of pets will now enjoy a new lease on life. The value-added benefits of pet stem cell therapy are enormous and they include the following gains:

  • Uses the body natural healing mechanism
  • Effective healing action
  • Regulating the immune system naturally
  • Little or no known adverse effects
  • Less cost when compared to a chronic medication therapy or surgical procedure thereby saving you a lot of expenses.

League City Veterinary Clinic is renowned for employing the most skilled and knowledgeable physicians when it comes to Dog Stem Cell Therapy. It will help a lot if you ask a lot of questions before choosing this for your pet. The procedure is worth it if you have the resources.

Pet stem therapy doesn’t come cheap and you might have to spend a few thousand bucks to get it done but the benefits in this investment is that your pet may never experience that particular disease again after the therapy has been successfully carried out.

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  1. My dog was hit by a car last week and I am now looking for some treatment to help with his injuries. So thanks for letting me know that stem cell therapy can actually help treat damage that occurs in tendons, bones, and even spinal cords. Since my dog broke a couple of his legs, I’ll be sure to look into stem cell therapy for him.

  2. I only recently learned about stem cell treatment for humans. I had no idea that it could also help dogs. I absolutely love my dog, and I would definitely do anything I could to help them, if they were in trouble like this. I hope that it never happens, but if my dog ever develops osteoarthritis, or gets injured in any of the places you have highlighted, I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

  3. I like how you said a benefit of stem cell therapy is using the body’s natural healing mechanism. My dog was recently bitten by another dog and has a wound. I’m thankful for the information on the benefits of stem cell therapy for pets.

  4. My sister was telling me she’s considering stem cell therapy to help with her old dog’s sore joints, and I was curious to look more into the treatment. Your article had a lot of great points about the importance of stem cell therapy, and I had no idea this could be used to treat things like osteoarthritis, injuries to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and the spinal cord in dogs. This seems like revolutionary treatment, and I would even get this procedure myself. Thanks for the post!

  5. I’ve only heard of stem cell therapy for humans, interesting now that it’s been adopted to pets as well. Many thanks to the researchers who tirelessly and selflessly work towards the advancement of science.

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