What Is Dog Boarding? What Is The Difference Between Dog Boarding And Daycare In Houston, TX?

What Is Dog Boarding? What Is The Difference Between Dog Boarding And Daycare In Houston, TX?

Dog boarding and dog daycare services are two of the best options to consider when you need to work and do not want to leave your dog unattended. Both of these options involve dropping off your dog for a certain period and having someone else take care of them; however, they are not the same service.

Dog boarding is for people who need to leave their dogs for an extended period. It could be as short as one night or as long as a few days. I have seen it used interchangeably with dog daycare however there is a big distinction between both services. The big distinction between dog daycare and dog boarding is an overnight stay.

Dog boarding is an option for dog owners who want to go away for a couple of days either for a business trip or vacation and are either unable or unwilling to take their dog along. Taking your pup to dog boarding facilities prevents your dog from getting bored and allows your dog to interact with other dogs while also providing your dog with the much-needed attention that they crave while also stopping them from exhibiting disobedient behavior such as excessive barking and chewing. The dog care professionals ensure that the dogs are well exercised thus preventing obesity.

Dog daycare on the other hand is for people who work all day and can’t take the dogs out for walks as often as they need, however, it is not exclusively for them. It can also be beneficial for dog owners who have tight schedules that do not allow them to be home for long periods or those who work part-time. The whole idea is that the dog stays in the daycare facilities for a few hours during the day.

Most dogs are thrilled with this arrangement and this is evident with the wagging of tails when they get to the daycare. Also, some dogs enjoy socializing, and leaving them for just a few hours can help stimulate their minds while they will also get plenty of exercise in that period.

Knowing what to expect and the requirements of the facility makes boarding your dog easier and so you have to use your search engine extensively: When I made up my mind to use a dog boarding facility, I spent hours on my favorite search engine and typed phrases like “dog boarding near me”, “cheap dog boarding near me”, and “dog boarding cost” to get a good grasp of what my options were. After much deliberation, I chose Safari Veterinary Care Center.  Five years down the line, I can say without hesitation or doubt that it is one of the best several veterinary clinics that provide pet boarding facilities.

Another added advantage of leaving your dog with professionals especially if your dog is on medication is that they will ensure your dogs receive their drugs at the right time.

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