What Is Orthopedic Surgery In Dogs? Why Is Safarivet A Specialist For Orthopedic Surgery In League City, TX?

What Is Orthopedic Surgery In Dogs? Why Is Safarivet A Specialist For Orthopedic Surgery In League City, TX?

Pet orthopedic surgery, popularly called pet orthopedics, is the branch of surgery concerned with dealing with the musculoskeletal conditions of pets. Surgical and nonsurgical means are used by dog orthopedic veterinarians use to treat musculoskeletal trauma, infections, tumors, spine diseases, degenerative diseases, and congenital disorders in dogs.

Fracture of long bones is the most common musculoskeletal condition reported in small animal practice, especially in dogs. The incidence of fractures in the femur was the highest among the long bones, followed by the radius-ulna and tibia-fibula.

Why Is Safarivet A Specialist For Orthopedic Surgery?

I live and work in League City, Texas, and an extensive google search led me to Safarivet. I returned from work to find out that my dog, Bruno, could not stand on his feet and I was terrified. I turned on my computer and opened multiple tabs on google chrome.

I typed in “Vet Orthopedic Surgery Texas”, “Pet Orthopedic Surgery League City”, “vets near me”, “veterinarian near me”, “orthopedic veterinarian near me”, “will my dog ever be able to walk again”, euthanasia, etc. I looked at the results and finally settled on Safarivet. I carried Bruno into the car and rushed to the veterinary hospital.

I must confess that the staff was professional, efficient, and compassionate at the same time. Their skill and proficiency are why Bruno is still walking today.

Safarivet is a veterinary hospital that takes orthopedic surgery very seriously. I found out that they have skilled board-certified surgeons with over 30 years of experience who use the most recent techniques supplemented by the most advanced equipment to ensure that pets have optimal chances for recovery.

The most common surgery at Safari is knee surgery, and two of the most popular procedures are highlighted below:

  • 1.The Wedge Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (Wedge TTA): It is our most popular procedure for these cases. This technique rectifies the anatomical forces on the knee without tampering with the weight-bearing articular surface of the knee joint, as does the TPLO (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy) surgery. Wedge TTA is less traumatic and has fewer complications compared to the TPLO. It is a very recent procedure that takes a fraction of the time and costs the owner less than what a TPLO surgery would cost.
  • 2.Ridge-Stop-for-Luxating-Patella: Luxating Patella Correction at Safari: Patella is the second most common problem with the knees of pets. It occurs when the kneecap or patella slips out of its groove. “Ridge Stop” is a new surgery that prevents the patella from slipping with only a small implant and three screws without cutting of bone or loss of cartilage that plagued traditional surgical correction.


“My cat had a wound on her back. The staff at Safari were helpful, friendly, and professional. They gave her a thorough check-up and discovered a couple of other issues. There is no way I am returning to my vet after the A-class treatment my cat received here. I am Team Safari now.” – Neil Glassman

“Very amazing and professional staff. I like the fact that their health plans are very affordable, and it is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of animals.” – Serena Cole

“The biggest gift God has given me this year has been SafariVet. I had a dog with IVDD, and thanks to Dr. Garner and the staff at Safarivet, my dog now has a new lease at life. Watching him play brings so much tears to my eyes. I never knew he would be able to walk again. The stem cell therapy worked like a magic potion, and I am so thrilled at the results.” – Avril Stephen

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