What Is Orthopedic Surgery In Pet? What To Expect From Your Pet Orthopedic Surgery Specialist In Houston, TX

What Is Orthopedic Surgery In Pet? What To Expect From Your Pet Orthopedic Surgery Specialist In Houston, TX

What Is Orthopedic Surgery In Pet?

Pet orthopedic surgery focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases affecting a pet’s musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Should your dog be involved in a catastrophic accident or be diagnosed with any bone disease or anomaly, his best chance at getting treated and recovering is with the help of a dog orthopedic veterinarian or surgeon.

A variety of factors cause orthopedic illnesses. Trauma to the skeletal system frequently leads to orthopedic illnesses, including soft tissue injury, bruising, and fractures. Infections caused by germs can also necessitate orthopedic care. Cancer and immunological illnesses frequently produce side effects such as bone weakening, aching joints, or fractures, leading to orthopedic disease. Arthritis and other age-related problems can necessitate orthopedic surgery.

What To Expect From, Your Pet Orthopedic Surgery Specialist at Houston, TX.

Pet orthopedic surgery is the most efficient method of treating a dog with a bone injury or joint disease. At Safarivet, we have Vets with over three decades of experience in Orthopedic Surgery here in Texas at your pet’s service. You can be assured that your dog’s leg or joint will be restored to normal or near-normal function after being repaired by our competent veterinary orthopedic surgeon. To attain the objective of restoring your pet to normal function, our orthopedic veterinary surgeons may need to employ bone plates, pins or screws, nylon, casts, or an artificial joint.

It is critical for pre-surgical consultations, blood tests, and a comprehensive dog examination to take place before the surgery. A dog undergoing orthopedic surgery may require substantial sedation and supplemental oxygen because the treatment may take several hours to complete. At Safarivet, our orthopedic surgeries encompass a wide range of bone and joint repair procedures, including:

  • Correction of the cruciate ligament.

    The most prevalent operation at Safari is knee surgery. Correction of Cruciate Ligaments employing the most up-to-date procedures (Wedge Tibial Tuberosity Advancement or Wedge TTA) and stem cell therapy has provided our patients a therapeutic advantage, allowing them to recover from surgery faster and with fewer complications. The Wedge TTA corrects anatomical stresses on the knee without changing the weight-bearing articular surface of the knee joint, as with Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery. The Wedge TTA is less stressful and has fewer problems than the TPLO. It is a newer treatment that takes a fraction of the time and costs the owner a fraction of what TPLO surgery does.

  • Correction of Luxating Patella/Kneecap surgery

    Knee caps, also known as patellas, are the second most common problem with pet knees. When the kneecap or patella moves out of place, it causes excruciating pain and, eventually, arthritis. To correct this condition traditionally, the groove is made deeper to prevent the patella from escaping. While this is effective, it necessitates major surgery, angled bone cuts, and a lengthy recovery period with rehabilitation.

    However, at Safari, we employ a new procedure known as the “Ridge Stop,” which achieves the same results with only a small implant and three screws. No bone cutting, no cartilage loss, as in previous surgeries. The above is one of the reasons why we are known for being the best in Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Houston.

  • Fracture treatment.

    In fixing fractures in pets, the traditional pet treatment employs a Standard bone plate. At Safari, we use a more advanced treatment method using String of Pearls. The advantages of using String of pearls as opposed to Bone plates can are:

    • Instead of the traditional bone plate, which can only be bent in two dimensions, the design allows for accurate contouring of the plate to match the curvature of the bones in three dimensions.
    • The String of Pearls is intended to fit off the surface of the bone, improving blood supply and healing, whereas traditional plating systems are intended to be fixed to the bone’s surface.
    • The String of Pearls is more durable due to the cylindrical design’s biomechanics compared to a flat design.
    • The String of pearls does not require screws to be placed through both cortexes of the bone, whereas traditional bone plates require screws to be placed through both cortexes.
    • The String of Pearls can be used with intramedullary pins to help with fracture stability.
    • The String of Pearls does not require every screw hole to be filled for maximum strength, as traditional bone plates do.
    • The String of Pearls can be used to treat difficult fractures with multiple segments or that involve joint surfaces such as the pelvis.

Are you a pet parent searching for an ‘orthopedic veterinarian near me‘ in Houston? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Safari Animal Hospital.

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