What is the main advantages of Orthopedic Surgery for Pet? What you need to know.

What Is The Main Advantages Of Orthopedic Surgery For Pet? What You Need To Know.

Pet orthopedic surgery includes surgeries meant to rectify joint and skeletal problems, soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. A dog orthopedic veterinarian uses recently established techniques with advanced equipment to greatly improve the recovery of your pet.

Suppose you are considering an ‘orthopedic veterinarian near me’ for consultations and understanding your pet’s problem.

In that case, it is pertinent to understand your pet’s diagnosis before undergoing orthopedic surgery, and experienced surgeons are available at Safari Veterinary Care Center to let you in all you have to know and ensure your pet’s optimum recovery.

At Safari Veterinary Care Center, the string of pearls plating system is used, and it provides the following advantages.

  • The string of pearls plating system contours the plate to be fitted on the curvature of the bones accurately using three-dimensional space, unlike the traditional bone plating technique of two-dimension.
  • It is designed such that it fits of the bone surface, making blood supply improved and healing faster, unlike the traditional plating method that fits directly on the bone.
  • It is designed stronger than the traditional plating method.
  • While the traditional bone plating method requires screws to be inserted through the bones at both sides, the string of pearls system does not require such.
  • It can supplement the stability of fractures using intramedullary pins,
  • All screw holes do not need to be filled to maximum capacity like the traditional bone plating method.
  • For fractures with many segments or joint surfaces, the string of pearls system can be used.

Advantages of orthopedic surgery for pets

  • The goal of orthopedic surgery is to relieve your pet’s pain and improve its quality of life.
  • It is a curative treatment for a lot of joint problems, including fractures and arthritis.
  • It improves the motility of your pet. If your pet has a torn ligament or tendon, or fractured limb(s), orthopedic surgery helps your pets get better quickly.
  • It prevents complications that might arise by having the surgery done to hand the accident or trauma quickly.
  • Orthopedic surgeries require anesthesia for your pets to reduce the pain they might feel.
  • Some orthopedic surgeries are minimally invasive and benefit your pet with a shorter surgery time, cause less bleeding, less pain, and shorter recovery periods.

Considering vet orthopedic surgery in Texas? Safari Veterinary Care Center is the place to be. Experienced surgeons with expertise in orthopedic surgery spanning many years are available, and we employ stem cell therapy in managing key orthopedic concerns or injuries to your pets. For this reason, your pet can recover faster and feel even better than before discharge. It is indeed true that we are passionate about orthopedic surgery and ensuring that your pet has an optimum chance of recovery.

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