What Is The Primary Role Of Pet Rehabilitation Therapy In Veterinary Care League City, TX

What Is The Primary Role Of Pet Rehabilitation Therapy In Veterinary Care League City, TX

Just as humans require the help of a physical therapist for assistance with rehabilitation, so do animals. Animals, like humans, receive exercise and pain management to aid in their recovery from ailments such as arthritis, obesity, and, most commonly, orthopedic-related ailments relating to bones, muscles, and tendons.

Dog rehabilitation/ veterinary rehabilitation also helps pets with neurological conditions such as Vestibular dysfunction (which causes loss of balance), Seizures, Spinal disorder, The Wobbler Syndrome, Degeneration, and herniation of the intervertebral disc, to regain balance and control of their body faculties.

The fundamental role of pet rehabilitation that most pet rehabilitation centers/ rehabilitation facilities hope to achieve is to get the pets back to normal function without using drugs or minimal use of drugs to reduce pain and stress. Our Dr. Garner and other therapeutic specialists at Safari Veterinary Care Center understand the importance of veterinary rehabilitation and have devoted time to offering the best Vet Rehabilitation in League City.

Pets undergoing rehabilitation at our rehabilitation center are evaluated individually, and a treatment plan is devised depending on the patient’s requirements. Most pets can benefit from a multifaceted strategy that includes therapies that employ the use of:

  • Laser Therapy.

    Photons of light at specific frequencies are used in laser therapy to aid cellular activities. The laser’s light stimulates photoreceptors inside the cells to produce more energy, boosting protein, collagen, and DNA production. Longer wavelengths and higher output lasers, such as the class IV laser utilized at Safari, can penetrate deep into the body to encourage healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation.

  • Therapeutic ultrasound.

    Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to transfer energy to tissues. Its function improves blood flow, relieves discomfort, and aids muscle relaxation.

  • Electrostimulation/Electrotherapy.

    Electrotherapy is the electrical stimulation of muscles or nerves that supply energy to the muscles. The aim is to contract the muscle. Muscle contraction is required when nerve injury to the brain, spinal cord, or trauma to the bones. Electrotherapy helps improve Joint movement and reduces Joint Contracting and edema.

  • Acupuncture.

    Acupuncture is an age-long therapy used to relieve stress and aches in the human body. Acupuncture employs needles to effect changes in soft tissues by applying the needles to pressure points in the dog’s body. It is also believed to activate the body’s built-in survival instincts, which regulate the body and encourage self-healing.

  • Cold therapy.

    Cold therapy is an effective treatment for inflammation, discomfort, pain, and swelling when used early in the disease process. Ice and gel packs can be used for cold therapy.

  • Heat therapy.

    Heat therapy improves blood flow, blood vessel absorbency, and biochemical responses. It promotes wound healing, helps relieve pain by relaxing ligaments and tendons, and reduces muscle tension and spasms. Hot packs, heat lamps, warm towels, warm-water blankets, and warm-water baths apply heat.

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