Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Grooming? Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grooming Your Dog In Houston, TX

Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Grooming? Common Mistakes To Avoid When Grooming Your Dog In Houston, TX

Just as there is a huge demand for veterinarians in League City, Texas, pet grooming services are highly sought. When I first moved to League City, Texas, with my dog, Carrie, one of my first worries was getting an affordable pet clinic in Houston. I spent hours “googling” for pet grooming near me.

I opened several tabs, and my search words included keywords such as “dog grooming, League city”, “animal grooming league city” and “affordable vet, Houston, Texas” as I did not want to overshoot my budget.

Finally, I stumbled upon Safari Veterinary Care Center, an affordable vet clinic in Houston, Texas. I visited their clinic and saw how courteous all their staff were and how they paid so much attention to every detail, and I was confident Carrie would receive the most outstanding care possible there. They offered grooming services as well. My luck was beyond belief.

Regular grooming is crucial for any pet. The grooming process helps your dog get rid of excess hair, which will improve their overall coat and result in less shedding in your house. In addition, grooming brings their natural skin oils to the surface leading to a brighter glow and a better overall physical appearance.

However, it is not unusual to see them go crazy, act funny or look sad after a grooming session. It would help if you remembered that grooming is a necessity for their well-being.

Some of the reasons why your dog is acting funny after a grooming session include the fact that it is a strange feeling (especially if it is the first visit to the groomer). Another is the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness they feel. They feel as if a fundamental part of their identity has been taken. The good thing is that they are back to their old selves at most by the next day.

However, there are common mistakes that lots of owners make while grooming their dogs. Let us examine common dog grooming mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Mistake One: Inconsistency in dog’s grooming

The number one mistake is the dog owner not being consistent with his or her dog’s grooming. It is very common for owners to think that dogs need grooming at certain times of the year or that dogs need grooming only when their fur looks like it needs to.

This is a very common mistake that can be easily rectified. It is important to get your dog on a schedule regarding grooming as it helps everyone, including you your dog and your family, if you have any.

It is important that you get your dog on a regular year-round schedule. It is also necessary that you brush the coat of your pet regularly after visiting the groomer. Not only does it help to reinforce the idea that the grooming is not scary, it also provides you with additional time to bond properly with your dog.

Mistake Two: Use of wrong dog grooming tools at home

The second mistake is not having the correct grooming tools in the house. This mistake is usually the fault of the dog owner. Several grooming activities are ideally handled by the dog groomer, while the dog owner should take care of the basic grooming duties. To do this basic grooming, you need to have the right tools at home. A different breed of dogs have coats of varying thickness and length. Therefore it is important to find the right brushes and tools that would fit their needs.

If you use the wrong brushes during basic grooming, you subconsciously program your dog to associate grooming with pain and discomfort. Once your dog begins to associate discomfort with grooming, it makes the process way more complicated as they begin to panic. Consult with your groomer on the right tools to use on your dog in your house

Mistake Three: Using Too Much Soap During Bath time

The third mistake that people make is using too much soap on their pets. The rationale for this is probably that more soap on the dog will equal a cleaner dog. This could not be much far from the truth. The quantity of soap to use on your dog should depend on the coat of the dog, dirtiness level of the dog and length of fur.

More soap requires a longer period to wash out, and if your dog is not a big fan of bath time, this could be very stressful. Also, remember to plug their ears with a cotton ball as protection from soap and water.

Mistake Four: Close clipping of pet nails

This is also a common mistake made by pet owners. It is important that you clip their nails regularly as this is an important part of dog grooming. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it appears here. An owner that is not familiar with what to do will most likely cut the nails too short. This can cause the dog a great deal of pain and even cause bleeding if the skin is nicked. In addition, it can be upsetting for both the dog and the owner. Do not hesitate to consult your groomer for nail trimming tips. Alternatively, you can also schedule regular appointments with your groomer for nail trims.

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