Get your pet’s health check-up at Safari Vet Care Center

Get Your Pet’s Health Check-up At Safari Vet Care Center

While the Christmas frenzy seems to have faded slowly out of the spotlight, the unforgiving winter remains and so do the chemicals used to defrost our roads and walkways.

Winter is arguably the most dangerous season for your pets given the very harsh weather conditions and considering the possibility of your pet ingesting chemicals meant to soothe the environment intentionally, or otherwise. This almost always ensures a trip through the icy roads to the veterinary clinic. Special care must be given especially to infant pets during this period to keep up your pets health care.

The initial signs of chemical infestation in pets are vomiting. More times than not, if your pet which seemed to be very healthy a couple of hours before taking a walk begins to throw up, quickly visit your local veterinary clinic to enable qualified Vet doctors to provide wellness & preventive care to avoid a repeat trip to the Vet on a cold winter day.

Some preventive measures you can take towards keeping off that Vet appointment on a cold winter morning are:

Clean your pet’s feet after a walk to avoid it licking its paws and ingesting harmful chemicals meant to defrost walkways during winter. An alternative would be to obtain pet boots for your pet which must be removed and wiped after every walk into the snowy unknowns. Pet boots are also helpful in keeping the paws of your pet warm, thereby reducing the risk of pathogens which thrive in cold weather conditions from infecting your pet.

Simply wipe your pet’s feet after a walk before it has a chance to lick its paws. While this is quite strenuous, and not completely efficient. It is a quite reliable and cost-effective method of keeping your pet out of harm’s way.

Another very effective way albeit unusual would be to simply keep your pets indoors for the larger part of the winter season. This is especially effective if your pet dislikes going out during the winter in the first place.

Pet health care is an important subject at this time of the year. Take precautionary measures, or contact your local veterinary clinic for more wellness & preventive tips for your pets this season.

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