How Often Should I Take My Pet To Animal Hospital In League City, TX?

How Often Should I Take My Pet To Animal Hospital In League City, TX?

The age of your dog, general lifestyle and health will determine how often you will take your dog to the veterinarian. The younger they are, the more frequently they will need to visit the vet. Similarly, senior dogs will need more frequent visits. For healthy adult dogs, annual check-ups are just fine. There are several animal hospitals near me that provide these services.

Animal wellness clinic gives you a chance to track the growth and development of your pet. They will also address any concerns you might have about the overall health of your pet. It might look expensive now, but trust me, preventive care is way cheaper than curative measures. The idea is that by taking your dog for routine exams, you will find out about illnesses or issues early, which can be key in successful treatment.

The annual check-up is an important opportunity for your pet to be critically examined by the vet doctor. The vet will conduct a complete physical examination while listening to the hearts of the dogs. They will also update any vaccinations needed.

After the check-up, the veterinarian may make professional recommendations based on what he has observed in a bid to improve the overall health of your dog.

For puppies

Monthly wellness exams are recommended for newly born pups. That’s once monthly until they’re 16 weeks old, following a basic vaccine schedule such as the one below:

  1. During the eighth week, the first DA2PP injection (combined vaccine for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo and corona) should be taken.
  2. Between week 10–12, the second DA2PP and Leptospirosis injection should be taken by the puppy.
  3. Between weeks 14–16, the third DA2PP and Leptospirosis injection should also be taken. Rabies shots are also given to puppies at 16 weeks or older. If you have read the Stephen King classic “Cujo”, you will definitely want your dog to get a rabies shot.

For Adult dogs (1–7 years)

Adult dogs between the ages of one and seven should go for an overall wellness exam once annually. The examination will typically include a head-to-tail checkup, dental exam, and vaccination updates.

The vet doctor may also recommend other tests or treatments depending on concerns raised by you or observations made during the exam.

Older dogs (8+ years)

Just like human beings, as dogs get older, they are more prone to illness and age-related injury. This is why it is important that senior dogs aged eight and above should visit the vet doctor at least twice annually.

In addition to the routine check-up conducted on adult dogs, your vet doctor is also likely to recommend a variety of diagnostic tests for your older dog.

The purpose of these diagnostic tests is to help your veterinarian assess the overall health of your dog, while also providing a baseline which future tests can be compared to.

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