Important Things To Know About Boarding And Grooming For The Pet In Houston, TX

Important Things To Know About Boarding And Grooming For The Pet In Houston, TX

Are you planning to board your pet? Then you want to find a reliable pet care center to ensure your pet is in excellent and caring hands while you are away.

However, there is a pointed difference between what pets want and what their owners think the pets want. In this article, we provide you tips about pet boarding and grooming in League City, Texas. This should help you make an informed decision when you decide to board your bet.

What You Need to Know About Dog and Cat Boarding

Here are some of the essential things to know about boarding and grooming:

Every pet boarding facility is different. Therefore, it is essential to find one that works perfectly for you and your pet. Gone are the days when standard dog and cat boarding facilities looked like a shelter or had old-fashioned kennels for canines. But it has not really been eradicated.

Some pet boarding facilities provide limited playtime for an additional cost. A few still keep dogs in kennels while others provide all-day play for their beloved boarding guests.

But at Safarivet – a leading Boarding Kennel in League City, pet boarding is all about all-day play for pets. Dogs and cats need to play, eat, and sleep as these are their primary needs. And they need to perform these activities in a sane and safe manner.

Dogs and cats don’t need to sit around on leather couches while eating fillets or watch reruns of Lassie. When their primary needs are met, and proper stress management is included, the result is a healthy and happy dog and cat.

Grooming Protects Your Pet’s Feet

Grooming your pet from time to time – which involves washing and brushing the fur as well as nail trims – helps to protect your pet’s feet. Trimming your pet’s nails by yourself may be somewhat challenging. But professional groomers are well-trained and know how to get it done.

Reduces shedding

It is usual for pets to shed, but that doesn’t mean they should do all over your clothing and furniture. Pet grooming services at dog and cat boarding facilities can help you take care of your pet’s fur by washing and brushing it.

Regular brushing reduces excess fur and keeps their coats healthy. This will significantly minimize the amount of pet hair found around your home or wardrobe.

Prevent infection

Some pet boarding League City TX facilities offer additional services besides grooming. Special care includes taking care of your pet’s teeth and ears.

You can pay for hair removal and ear cleaning, both of which prevent ear infections that may hurt your beloved canine. You can also request teeth brushing services which help to keep your teeth super-clean. Again, this reduces the risks of oral infections.

Wrap Up

And lastly, listen to your pet. After a few visits to the pet boarding, watch your pet. Is your canine or feline excited to go inside? Do they hate leaving at the end of every day? etc.

Boarding and grooming your pet are essential activities for the busy pet owner. You can find out more about pet boarding at Safari Veterinary Care Center.

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