Safari Veterinary Care Centers: How Do Dogs Feel About Being Boarded In Texas?

Safari Veterinary Care Centers: How Do Dogs Feel About Being Boarded In Texas?

The first time I had to travel and live with my dog at a dog boarding facility was a very heart-wrenching experience. I had moved into Texas after university and had worked in League City for over ten years without ever needing to travel. I spent the week before traveling deliberating on which of the several boarding facilities near me.

I would drop my dog, Fred. I spent hours on my favorite search engine and my search history was filled with phrases like: “dog boarding league city tx”, “pet boarding league city tx”, “league city boarding kennel”. I ranked the results based on so many criteria. The first one was dog boarding cost. I filled my excel sheet with a list of cheap dog boarding near me. I also used proximity as a criterion and listed dog kennels near me that provided overnight dog boarding. In order to choose the finest dog boarding in my area, I also evaluated customer reviews as a ranking factor.

The only name present on all my lists was Safari veterinary care centers. I noticed that it was a dog boarding near me with one of the most outstanding dog boarding facilities in the whole of Texas. I took a preliminary trip there to make my own assessment and I was blown away. The way the staff handled other people’s pets at the pet boarding was such a delight to behold.

How Do Dogs Feel About Being Boarded In Texas?

Different dogs will react differently to being left in a dog boarding facility. A lot of it depends on the personality of your dog, the number of dogs at the kennel, and the quality of the establishment.

If your dog is social and enjoys the company of other dogs, he will probably cope better with the boarding kennel environment especially if it is a reputable boarding kennel where they will get spoiled, play with other dogs, and receive loads of attention.

It is important to visit the facility you will be boarding your dog prior to dropping him to ensure that the services meet your standard, your dog’s standard, and level of activity.

If you have a dog that is shy or is scared by other dogs, including their sights, sounds, and smells, boarding has the potential to be extremely traumatic. Also, some boarding centers host many animals and the loud noises and the presence of other dogs can make your dog uncomfortable.

For dogs that had a horrible experience boarding, the risk of depression is a serious possibility.

The symptoms of a depressed dog include: urinating and defecating in the house, lack of interest in play, barking and howling, chewing, digging, and destructive behavior, escape attempts, pacing and panting, eating their own feces. They could also become withdrawn and inactive and it is not uncommon for their eating and sleeping habits to change.

Before dropping your dog at a dog boarding facility, it is important that all the shots are up to date.

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