How Do I Prepare My Dog For First Time Boarding In League City, TX? First Time Boarding Tips

How Do I Prepare My Dog For First Time Boarding In League City, TX? First Time Boarding Tips

Dropping your dog off at a dog boarding for the very first time can be stressful. There are several things to worry about such as the dog boarding cost, dog boarding facilities, how your dog would fare with overnight dog boarding especially if you intend to be back days after.

Knowing what to expect and the requirements of the facility makes boarding your dog easier and helps you plan. If you are considering boarding your dog for the first time, I have come up with a list of tips that will help you.

Here we go:

  1. Use your search engine extensively:

    If you are like me, you will probably google whenever you are about visiting a new place to have a preconceived notion of just to know what to expect.

    I remember when I was relocating to Texas after spending most of my adult life in California. I was coming with my dog, Lasso, and I knew that my work would involve traveling frequently.

    I spent hours googling for nice boarding facilities. My search engine was filled with words like cheap dog boarding near me, Ideal Dog Boarding in My Area, dog boarding near me, dog boarding league city tx, pet boarding league city tx, and league city boarding kennel.

  2. Go with your dog for an initial assessment:

    It’s common for pet owners to want to check out pet boarding facilities without their dog to see if it meets their initial standards. I recommend paying a preliminary visit with your dog before traveling to gauge his reaction to the staff, yard space, and other dogs.

  3. Give them pertinent information so they can give your dog the good treatment possible:

    When a dog is new to a boarding facility, the staff is depending on you to provide information about your dog that will help them care for your dog in your absence. Information such as the behavioral habits of your dogs, likes, and dislikes should be provided to the staff.

  4. Book in advance:

    You are likely to get cheaper prices if you book in advance. Also, booking in advance ensures that there is no last-minute change of plans. Imagine finding out that your favorite has no available spots on the day of your travel and the stress that comes with finding another boarding facility at such short notice.

  5. Provide accurate contact information on file:

    It is irresponsible to drop either a fake phone number or email at the boarding facility. There might be a need to urgently reach you and you inputting fake details put your dog at risk.

    Just as importantly, boarding facilities use email to distribute a lot of essential information such as holiday hours, discounts, vaccination reminders, and report cards.

  6. Up to date vaccinations:

    Up to date vaccinations keep dogs safe and minimize the risk of catching communal diseases such as kennel cough. In all boarding facilities near me and even the state-owned dog kennels near me, vaccination records of the dogs in the facilities are compulsory. Have your veterinarian send the vaccine records to the boarding facility promptly.

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