Safarivet: Did You Know Your Pet Has The Optimal Chances For Recovery After Orthopedic Surgery In Houston, TX?

Safarivet: Did You Know Your Pet Has The Optimal Chances For Recovery After Orthopedic Surgery In Houston, TX?

What is Orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery related to conditions which involves the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons use non-surgical and surgical procedures to treat spine diseases, musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, chronic diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders.

Texas’s leading clinics for pet orthopedic surgery.

When I moved to Texas, I searched online for an orthopedic veterinarian near me. I realized that there are lots of clinics that provide orthopedic vet surgery in Texas. However, a couple of them stand out because of the diverse services that they provide.

Regarding regenerative stem cell therapy in Texas, you should not look further than the Safari Veterinary Care Centers or Animal Hospital, Houston, Texas.

They employ some of the most outstanding veterinarians for orthopedic dogs. They are at the forefront of cutting edge veterinary research, particularly in the areas of PRP treatment and stem cell therapy. In order to fully recuperate and rehabilitate the dogs, they also have the most qualified facilitators.

Duration of recovery

One of the most frequent questions asked by pet owners is about the duration it will take their pets to recover after surgery. However, the reality is that there is no unique number that works for all pets. A case-by-case examination is usually required as there are several factors to consider when estimating recovery time, such as the pet’s age, current health, fitness level, type of procedure that has been performed and possible complications.

Also, it is noteworthy to mention that just because you can see that the place of incision has closed and the swelling has drastically reduced does not mean that your dog has fully healed, as healing also needs to take place inside the body. Your veterinarian would give you a range of times that they expect your pet to recover fully. It is very important that you follow the individualized post-operative instructions to the letter to aid your pet’s healing process.

Guidelines to help pet owners after post orthopedic surgery of their pets

Number one is to stick to medication schedules. It is important that you stay on course by giving your pets the prescribed medications at the prescribed time post-surgery.

Pain medications are usually among the drugs prescribed by the veterinary post-surgery. The pain medications aim to minimize discomfort and manage pain. This is necessary because minimal pain can drastically reduce the healing process period. It is not unusual for pets to be prescribed anti-anxiety medication post-surgery so that their bodies can focus on healing.

It is also very common for them to receive antibiotics to help prevent and fight infection. Antibiotics should be allowed to run their full course and should not be discontinued except by express instruction of the veterinarian.

It might be very prudent for you to use an E-collar on your pet to prevent them from licking their incision. Occasional licks, even for a few minutes, increase the risk of infection or reopening of the wound. Typically, this E-collar is needed for just the first two weeks after surgery.

Another thing to do is restrict your pets’ activities in the first few weeks after a successful orthopedic surgery.

It is important that you can allocate a small carpeted area in your house to your pet where they cannot jump on furniture or run around as they would have done before surgery. This improves the healing process considerably.

It is imperative that you practice proper wound management techniques and monitor the incision spot for signs of infection. Indicators include excessive redness, inflammation, bleeding or draining. If you see any of this, you must contact your vet doctor. It would help if you did not clean the incision or apply ointment, except your doctor approves this expressly.

A few clients have this to say:

“Very friendly, professional and caring personnel. Short waiting time for appointments. Very informative, explained our dogs’ surgery in detail before his surgery. Very detailed care instructions after surgery. Everyone seems to really care about the animals.” – Carolyn B.

“I adored it! The staff was excellent with my dog and myself, communication was excellent, and ideal of all, my dog looked really joyful even after his operation, which was a signal for good and thoughtful care, plus a great doctor and staff.” – Ximena F.

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