Safarivet: How Long Can Dogs Live With Kidney Failure? Is Dog Kidney Failure Painful?

Safarivet: How Long Can Dogs Live With Kidney Failure? Is Dog Kidney Failure Painful?

Kidney failure refers to the inability of the kidney and its related organs to perform their normal function. The functions of the kidneys include regulating water levels, releasing the necessary hormones required in the production of red blood cells, removing toxins, regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, and PH levels.

Just as kidney failure is serious in humans, it can be just as serious in dogs. Like most ailments, if it is not treated early, it can deteriorate very fast. Because the kidney regulates water levels, and the link between the bladder and kidneys, kidney failure is usually seen as a disease of the urinary system. It can occur in dogs of all ages; however, it is more commonly observed in older dogs.

Causes of a Dog’s Kidney Failure

The most common reasons for dogs to have kidney failure include:

  1. Genes: Some breeds such as Bull Terriers and English Cocker Spaniels are more predisposed to kidney failure than others.
  2. Contaminated water or food: The intake of contaminated water or substandard food can cause the kidneys to pack up.
  3. Lack of exercise.
  4. Diet.

Early Signs of Dog Kidney Failure

Kidney failure can be very deadly and it is important that you know what to look out for. In all dogs with kidney failure, lethargy is the number one constant among them.

You just realize that your once vibrant and active dog is suddenly behaving like a pensioner. More sleep, less willingness to do any kind of physical activity, the regular look of tiredness and exhaustion, and this constant tendency of lying down.

As the disease becomes more advanced, more signs will become apparent. They include pale gums, chemical-like breath, loss of appetite that will eventually culminate into weight loss. Vomiting after eating is also very common and shakes due to exhaustion.

How Long Can Dogs Live with Kidney Failure?

This is a tricky question. However, there are several factors that could determine how long dogs with kidney failure could live. They include the age of the dog, presence of pre-existing conditions, stage of the ailment.

However, on average, a dog with kidney failure could have between a few months to a little over one year to live especially if the kidney disease is in its advanced stage.

SafariVet leads the way with technological advancement in veterinary medicine and you can rest assured that with them, When a dog has kidney illness, its vets will provide the finest care possible and consider all of the choices before deciding what is most beneficial to the dog.

Is Dog Kidney Failure Painful?

Kidney failure usually comes with a lot of pain. Most times we can see the signs; from the tremors to the vomiting and the loss of appetite.

It is important that you prioritize your dogs’ comfort. Spend more time with them and find games that you can play with them that will not leave them exhausted.

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